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Letter sent on Aug 12

Thank You!

In the past few days we have reached 10 followers! We appreciate you all for reading our stories and we hope that we keep you interested! Keep clapping our stories if you really like them!!

Check out our publication as we’ve added feature pages that provide stories for specific topics: Machine Learning, Programming, Statistics and our Baby Steps series!

Here are some stories that we’d like to highlight:

Learn Machine Learning 01 — Classification

Stay tuned as we hope to bring more stories surrounding Machine Learning. Code will be posted on one of our editors Github page so feel free to check that out!

Baby Steps into Data Science 04 — Programming: Introduction to R

Our latest edition to our Baby Steps series covers the basics in R programming! If you like these stories, please leave a comment or clap to let us know; we’ll be hopefully bringing out more of these soon.

Weightlifting Tracker — GUI with Tkinter and SQLite3

One of our most popular stories with nearly 1000 views looks at creating an app using Tkinter in Python to track progress at the gym!

If there is anything that you would like us to post more of, then let us know! You can find our email on our homepage.

Thank you for supporting, keep sharing, clapping and commenting!

DataRegressed Team