Serverless Application on Google Cloud

Ever since Google Cloud released Cloud Function (BETA), there has been lots of excitement in the community. Google Cloud functions is an event-driven serverless compute platform which abstracts major configurations form developers like auto-scaling, on-demand execution and no server provisioning. This helps a developer to focus more on the development of service. And that’s the reason where we are also excited.

Before Moving to serverless applications I will briefly explain what is Google Cloud Functions.

  1. It is the simplest way of running your code in the cloud
  2. Automatically scales, highly available and fault tolerant (Deploy like a pro)
  3. No servers to provision, manage, patch or update (Major relief for any developer)
  4. Pay only while your code runs
  5. Connects and extends cloud services

Behind the hood, Cloud Functions waits for a cloud service (Supported Google Cloud services) to emit an event and based on that event it responds by either writing back the output to the service or invokes another service on the cloud.

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