Made a Habit Tracking App — Javascript & MongoDB

WebApp — MeteorJS (Javascript), HTML, CSS, MongoDB, Highcharts API

Video to show the full app functionality

I designed and developed a Habit-tracking app, with an aim for graduate students to reduce stress on daily basis and be able to track their habits regularly. The app was built mainly using MeteorJS and MongoDB as the main tech stack.

Technologies & Skills Used: Javascript (MeteorJS), MongoDB, HTML, CSS, UI, UX, JQuery, Highcharts API

One of the main reasons for writing the app in MeteorJS ( Javascript) is that it can deployed to web, android and iOS easily. Right now the app is web only.

The app has the following functionalities —

Login/Signup to create a user account
Login/SignUp Screen
Add Habit with Priority OR Choose from a list of Suggested Habits
Add a Habit with priority OR Select from a list of Habits
Check off a Habit daily AND for past days (Calendar View)
Check off habits daily or in past days
Daily Score + Week Average Score

The daily score is calculated based on the checked off habits daily. Average score is the progress score of last 7 days. If the daily score is greater than the average score, then you are doing ‘good’, and its displayed in green but if your daily score is less than the average score of the week, its displayed in ‘red’.

ANALYTICS: Last 20 days progress
Dynamic Progress Screen — Last 20 day progress

I used Highcharts API to show the interactive user progress in last 20 days.

For code, visit my Github.