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Semantics3's E-commerce Datascience-as-a-Service (DaaS)

We are leveraging our massive e-commerce database to help retailers answer the business questions that matter.

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We’ve spent a lot of time chatting with our customers.

Turns out, major grouse of many retailers and ecommerce entrepreneurs is grappling with large datasets without having developers on hand.

When we started Semantics3, our mission was to organize the world’s ecommerce data. Many years later, we’ve managed to create a beautifully designed API with the most comprehensive structured product data in the industry.

It's a fantastic and affordable tool for hackers, coders and data nerds to access a massive database without having to spend developer resources on scraping and data cleaning.

But after talking to many of our customers, we realize that there is a flip-side to this: an API is incredibly useful and flexible if you're a programmer and you can manipulate large data-sets easily. It isn’t that useful if you aren’t familiar with manipulating JSON scripts and using REST-ful APIs.

An API isn't very useful if you don't have the time or technical resources to surface data insights to your business team.

In a retailer's world, there is often much frustration in trying to get relevant and useful data for business decision-making. Its a convulted and complicated process where you’ll need to first figure out how to extract the data, clean it up, and analyse it in a way that best answers your business needs.

Most companies don’t even have enough developer resources to assist them in preparing large datasets.

We hear you.

That’s why we now offer Semantics3's Datascience-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Our internal crack team of data scientists is now available to help you answer your most pressing business questions with our data.

Hey! We're business analysts too!

Let us help you focus on meeting your business needs with custom-made data insights.

Don’t waste time and money building your own datascience infrastructure to create insights that we’d probably be better at doing.

We built this database— we’d probably know best how to leverage it to answer your most pressing business questions.

Tell us what you need to know, and our team will put together the data you want.

Examples of projects you might need help with (but don’t restrict yourself to these — talk to us as much as possible and we will try to help you out!)

  1. Custom product datasets (e.g. brands, categories, and retailer catalogs)
  2. Expanded UPC matching (give us barcodes/UPCs and we’ll give you full product attributes and data in a spreadsheet)
  3. Custom product to UPC matching (have products, but no UPCs? We’ll help fill those out for you!)
  4. Data for competitive pricing/repricing
  5. Site indexing and custom product updates
  6. Product data and prices for Product Inventory Management (PIM) and Product Content creation systems
  7. Product, price and category changelogs for competitive strategies
  8. Datasets and special monitoring services for Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) compliance
  9. Fresh product/price data for affiliate feed networks and affiliate publishers
  10. Complimentary consultation on leveraging our API to better meet your business goals, and referrals for solution providers

In short, we’re trying to make our data accessible to everyone. We want to make it possible for you to create business value from our data.

Like the idea?

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A look at how data is shaping the future of e-commerce, gleaned from our stockpile of E-commerce product, pricing and customer metadata. Also see

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