Tony Roberts — ‘Rift Valley, Vandezande’s World’ from the book Tour of the Universe (1980) by Malcolm Edwards & Robert Holdstock

Product Matching — A Visual Tribute

Data Scientist — Ounces or “oz.” is a measure of weight and fluid ounces or “fl. oz.” is a measure of volume. See! Volume and weight are altogether different physical concepts, everyone knows that. Hence, not a match. Quod erat demonstrandum.

Everyone Else — Use your common sense. They’re the same.

Data Scientist — But the density of ice-cream isn’t 1.0!

Everyone Else — Don’t be ridiculous!




A look at how data is shaping the future of e-commerce, gleaned from our stockpile of E-commerce product, pricing and customer metadata. Also see

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Govind Chandrasekhar

Govind Chandrasekhar

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