Product Manager in the age of Data Science

As a Product Manager, I have heard the term Data Science thrown around a lot. It has captured the mind share in a way few topics have in recent memory. Techniques within Data Science are already woven into our daily lives without us realising that — Gmail spam filters that keep all the unsolicited email away, Facebook newsfeed that we consume for hours everyday are now powered by Data Science. Going forward, it’s impact is only going to increase.

As a Product Manager, I am awed by Data Science. This is nothing short of magic to me as I am completely newbie here. My objective is to understand the techniques in Data Science and how they are used so that when time comes to evaluate new features or building new products, I can identify data science opportunities and can apply them appropriately.

But where do I start to. Most of the books / blogs are quite technical. One book I stumbled upon is Data Smart by John Foreman, Chief Data Scientist at MailChimp has a perfect balance of theory, techniques and application. I this series of posts, I am going to publish all my learnings so that my fellow PMs can understand the magic behind Data Science.