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Customer satisfaction is currently the dimension that can really make a difference between businesses that populate the cross-industry competitive landscape. To put it differently, it is a safe assumption that unless you provide a customer with what, when, how, and for how much they want, another business most likely will.

In this race to improve customer experience, automation and its capacity to streamline operational processes, improve the quality of end products, accelerate processing, while at the same time keeping costs low and enhancing employee engagement, make a significant contribution to “your own personal” competitive advantage.

However, RPA does not exhaust the meaning of automation, and lately, technological developments in the direction of intelligent automation have started to gain ground. In this business context, partnerships between IT service providers, AI vendors, and RPA providers can only sharpen your company’s competitive edge.

So it’s about time that you start to take seriously the question regarding what kind of intelligent automation partner or RPA partner is most likely to be conducive to successful enterprise transformation. Keep reading if you need some assistance for deciding to whom you should award your RPA project.

How to choose an intelligent automation / RPA partner the smart way

Before you engage in selecting the most appropriate partner, it is highly advisable that you start with a thorough evaluation of your business targets. The next step is to translate these objectives in the language of ‘automation needs’: what do you need automation for, for which processes, and in which departments?

Error-prone, high volume processes, which are marred by bottlenecks, constitute the initial pool of choices. Furthermore, the comparison between those needs and what various providers have to offer will help you decide which RPA partner is the most appropriate for you now.

You can also address the question about ‘automation needs’ in terms of use cases. Application areas specify the needs fulfilled by software robots in different industry sectors. In line with our pragmatic approach to technologically-supported business, we have consistently talked about robotic process automation use cases in, e.g., insurance, finance, media, healthcare, ports, etc.

How to choose an RPA partner the smart way

Automation partners, both RPA and intelligent automation partners, are technology consultants whose level of expertise allows them to support the implementation and, hopefully, scaling of these novel technologies in your company.

Their most important role is to speed up the digital transformation of your company at all levels. In order to make a smart choice, you should…

1. Find out which commercial model your shortlisted potential partners use

Let’s face it, cost reduction is the primary objective for implementing RPA. Therefore you want to know about the commercial models used by the service provider in order to minimise implementation risks and to make sure that your financial goals are realistic and attainable. Choose an RPA provider who is willing to commit to your expected cost savings.

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