Artificial Intelligence Market Size

Analysis of the Technology of our Future — Trends, Projections, Opportunities

Artem Oppermann


Artificial Intelligence is on the rise. The pace of growth for artificial intelligence within the consumer, enterprise, government, and defense sectors continues. In this article, we will analyze the current size of the AI market and make forecasts for the future.

1. Artificial Intelligence in the corporate Sector

Let’s first take a look at the current state of the usage of artificial intelligence in the corporate sector. In the following, I refer myself to the results of the survey conducted by the technology research company Vanson Bourne.

The company was commissioned by software company Teradata to ask executive decision-makers on the topic of artificial intelligence for the enterprise. Senior VP and C-Level executives at 260 organizations globally — 50% of which are organizations with annual revenue of $1B or more — responded to the survey, resulting in some very interesting insights.g

At the highest level, “State of Artificial Intelligence for Enterprises” survey found the following:

  • Business are all in on AI — 80% of enterprises already have some form of AI (machine learning, deep learning…