Behind the Scenes, AI is Hollywood’s Rising Star

Parker Merritt
May 6, 2020 · 12 min read

From casting characters to editing movie trailers, Artificial Intelligence is slowly but surely conquering every aspect of the filmmaking industry— yet many ethical and philosophical questions remain before the final cut.

Dawn of the Dead

“Has science gone too far? Not until every actor in every movie is Nicolas Cage.” Source: YouTube
By combining the profile of a look-alike actor with advanced Deep Learning techniques, Rogue One’s producers managed to faithfully recreate the long-gone actor. Source: YouTube

Could studios use this technique to extend the life of their most profitable franchises indefinitely?

Might Hollywood, too, use deepfakes to mimic living actors— perhaps even against their will?

Will access to an infinite library of dead performers tempt Hollywood to abandon unknown actors altogether?

Big Data Blockbusters

Which action star will maximize the engagement of Millennial audiences— Tom Cruise or Keanu Reeves?

Will a romance film make more money with Scarlett Johansson or Rachel McAdams as the leading lady?

If Robert Downey Jr. had been replaced by Ben Affleck, would Iron Man still have been a blockbuster hit?

Analytics dashboard on Cinelytic’s predictive platform. Source: The Verge
Powered by a massive content database, The Video Genome Project uses granular metadata attributes to generate unique, “DNA-level” insights. Source: The Video Genome Project

The Final Cut

Miguel Angel Campo-Rembado, the SVP of 20th Century Fox’s data science division, discusses how the studio has applied AI to analyze trailers and predict audience appeal. Source: YouTube

Just how differently might a horror movie and a superhero flick sequence scenes containing violence?

Does an extended series of conversational close-ups indicate a film is aimed towards a more sophisticated audience?

What’s the best way for a comedy trailer to balance clips of slapstick humor with scenes of witty dialogue?

Leveraging a flexible collection of Watson APIs and machine learning techniques, IBM Research and 20th Century Fox collaborated to create the first-ever AI-generated movie trailer. Source: YouTube


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