Brave Browser — Why Should You Start Using It

Karthikeyan Ramasamy
Jun 15 · 3 min read

What I’m gonna speak about

Choosing the right Operating System, Search Engine and Web Browser is the basic step in securing and upgrading our Digital Life.

I would personally suggest you to use Brave Browser. Let’s learn why now.

What is Brave

Brave is a Free and an Open Source Web Browser built by a team of privacy focused, performance oriented pioneers of the web. Ex : Brendan Eich — Creator of JavaScript.

Browse Faster

The Web Page gets loaded quickly. Brave is faster than Chrome and Firefox.

Personal Data

GDPR defines it as “Any data that can indirectly contribute to singling out an individual, including unique IDs codes, certain types of IP addresses, and encrypted data that one can decrypt without disproportionate effort”

Enhance Privacy using Brave

Carrie Mathison — Homeland TV Series

Privacy Level 1

Browse Safer

Brave blocks Advertisements, Malware, Online Trackers, Browser Fingerprinting. It also provides better Cookie Control.

All these can be configured very easily.

Advertisements can be blocked using Extensions like Ad Block Plus or Ublock Origin Plus. But both extensions require Browser Permissions. One such Permission is “Read and Change all your data on the websites that you visit”. They vary with respect to Browser. Tracking can also be blocked by Extensions.

But why should we use an extension to block ads and trackers when the browser can block them by itself?

Our data is neither seen nor stored in servers.

Privacy Level 2

If you still want to improve, you can switch to Incognito Mode. Then, change the default search engine to “DuckDuckGo” .

Privacy Level 3

If you still want to improve, you can open a Tor Window just by pressing “Alt+Shift+N”. That’s it. You need not do anything. You will be connected to TOR Network.

Ok. How about Extensions?

Extensions play a vital role in our browsing activities. You need not worry about loss of Extensions while switching. You can add all your favourite extensions to Brave.


This is My Browser Statistics.

Trackers Blocked : 251

Ads Blocked : 12,224

HTTPS Upgrades : 32

Minutes Saved : 11

I suppose that Brave has enhanced my Browsing Experience to a greater extent. So, I strongly suggest you to use Brave Browser.


  1. — Brendan Eich at TED Conference.


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