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Build a Fully-Functional Food Delivery Seamless Clone App

Entrepreneurs and startups can gear up their online food delivery venture with a well-rounded Seamless clone app!

Are you currently into a food business, but didn’t use any similar food delivery app like Seamless? If yes, then it is the time to give this matter some serious thought!

According to statistics, the online food delivery segment is projected to take a steep rise from $91.41 million dollars in 2018 to $187,327 million dollars in 2024.

Undoubtedly, emerging technologies are catering to the growing needs of people and provide a cushion of comfort to them. But the entry of on-demand food delivery services has successfully transformed our lifestyle and modernized eating habits. With a single tap on your mobile app, you can order any lip-smacking dish for you and satisfy the craving right away without leaving the comfort of your home.

Today, the food delivery systems like Seamless have greatly influenced traditional restaurant dine-ins and turned them into delivery apps. A fully-functional Seamless app clone with the alluring features and extensively customized functionalities has totally transformed the user experience and keeps them engaged with the portal.

The simple success mantra of app clone like Seamless is its easier to use, quench your thirst and easily accessed anytime. All you need to do is just scroll the screen, tap the dish and checkout! That’s not all.

  • Arranged a party but no clue of making food- Order from Seamless on the best offers!
  • Need to send a cake to your loved one who is living miles away- Tap on Seamless!
  • Hungry but no time for cooking- Seamless is here!

According to the statistics, the digital food delivery market is expected to reach $24.461 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 5.9%. The way innovation within the food industry is shaking the extent of brands and summoning for dominant creations, it’s the right time for business to plunge into the food delivery application.

So, if you really want a piece of this thriving market, then here is a complete guide for building an app with all the answers to the questions juggling in your mind at this time:

  • Why should you invest in a food delivery app?
  • How to get started with the Seamless “deliveries near me” app or online food ordering app?
  • What makes a Seamless app clone stand apart from others?
  • What are the essential features of developing an on-demand food delivery app?
  • How much does it cost you to develop a seamless app clone?

Don’t worry, a mobile app development company backed by food ordering and delivery app experts have all the answer to your how’s, why’s, when and what if’s. So let’s dive into it!


No matter how dedicatedly you are packed with your daily workings, you never want to skip your meal. And that’s where food ordering and delivery app clones like Seamless come into the role. With the collaboration of restaurants and drivers, Seamless clone offers convenience with quick delivery, order tracking, quality checks and accelerating customer experience.

The simple strategy of this app clone is to loop the neighbouring restaurants in different areas based on the customer’s location, so customers can order the food from the nearest restaurant and enjoy quickest delivery service. Still, if you are wondering why you should invest in food delivery app development then clear your doubts in the next paragraph!

Why You Should Invest in a Food Delivery App Like Seamless?

In the fast-paced life, people hardly have time to go to restaurants, but still, the restaurant industry is booming. How?

By understanding the changing psychology of customers and leveraging the emerging technologies, Restaurants have turned up with apps that deliver food at the customer’s doorstep at the perfect time. So from a user perspective, without getting to ready, dressing up or leaving the comfort of the home, consumers can have the same mouth-watering restaurant food at home. So their love for fast service remains longer.

From the business perspective, hire software developer that helps you develop a food ordering app to get a potential customer base ranging from millennials, office goers, families with kids.

Don’t take our words for it and have a look at how the online food delivery segment is fueling the global market:

  • According to the statistics, the online food delivery segment amounted to $19.472 billion with over 105.6 million users in 2019.
  • The food delivery industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9%.
  • The online food delivery market in the US is predicted to reach $24.461 billion by 2023 with over 124.4 million users.
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate of 4.3% from 2021 to 2024 will result in the projected market volume of $32,325 million by 2024.
  • The market’s largest segment is Restaurant-to-Consumer delivery with a projected market volume of $16,564 Million in 2021.

In a Nutshell: All these statistics and facts indicate that the online food delivery industry is storming and opening doors for all enterprises with bundles of opportunities. So if you are finally making up your mind in food app delivery development, then understand how quickly you can get started with the food delivery app for your business.

The Business Model Followed By Seamless App Clone

Seamless app clone is one among the top food ordering apps used by Americans for food ordering and delivery. So learn about the business model of Seamless that makes it successful and allows businesses to make a profit from this app clone.

  • Seamless simply uses a restaurant aggregator business model. In simple words, Seamless delivers food to multiple destinations by partnering with restaurants and uses its logistics. It acts as a common platform between the restaurant and the customer. In this model, the customer registers on the application, browses for the dishes and places the order on this platform. The restaurant receives the order, confirms it and takes the responsibility of delivering it at the customer’s doorsteps.
  • Seamless app clone has three major segments: the users, the restaurants and the delivery partners.
  • Seamless charges the specific amount of fees to list restaurants on the specific mobile application. And once the name is listed on the panel, all the three stakeholders receive a notification whenever they end-user place an order.

What Makes a Seamless App Clone Stand Apart From Others Food Applications?

Despite being based in New York, Seamless has maintained its position as one of the top 5 food deliveries in the US by collaborating with a number of restaurant chains in the US. Apart, ensuring quick food deliveries and a wide choice of menu, Seamless comes with the range of features that made its giant success possible.

Unlike other food delivery applications, Seamless comes with features to search for food within your price range. Users can leave certain special requests based on your preferences. By leveraging this platform, customers can search by food or location and get it delivered at work or home. Also, users can also schedule their meals ready for pickup.

Apart, here are the 4 most important features of Seamless that made it giant:

1. Seamless Navigation Through Nearby Restaurants

The very first feature of an on-demand app like Seamless is allowing the end-users to find the nearest food restaurants. Although this feature may sound common in food delivery apps, it’s an essential one.

The user-friendly experience while ordering food is one of the essential things to focus, so it is suggested to hire mobile app developers to create a platform that allows users to easily login and search for their favourite dishes without any hassle.

2. An Option To Pre-Order and Reorder Their Favorites

The Seamless app clone displays the top five favourites and gives users the option to pre-order and reorder items from their favourite order history itself. The best part is, customers can even pre-order the food prior 2 hours to 4 days before and help users to stay one step ahead to manage their meals.

3. Push Notifications or App Alerts

One of the most important features of the app is the push notification. Along with providing the simplest ways to communicate, it enables you to earn customer’s loyalty in two ways:

  • Offer Instant Updates: Rushing out of time and not able to check what’s new? What’s the deal of the day? Instant notifications on the go are for you. Get notified of every order, track the dispatch and delivery without having to open the app.
  • Improved App Engagement & Improve Customer Retention Rate: According to experts, push notifications to enable you to get higher views and click-through ratio. Apps with push notifications have a 92% or higher retention rate than other apps.

4. Ratings and Reviews from the Users

This feature of the Seamless app clone allows users to effortlessly rate and review restaurants from where they have received food orders. It provides transparency between users and restaurants. In fact, this feature provides you with an opportunity to improve the services by knowing all the pressing areas where improvement is required.

Also, users prefer to order from those restaurants that have high-rating and deliver high-quality services.

Though, if you have been creating a Seamless app clone for your business in 2021, then keep in mind these are the few features that are worth including in your app. However, since the food delivery app’s features are divided into three panels, therefore it is important to understand the features required for the admin panel, delivery panel and user panel.

Must-Have Features to Develop Food Delivery App Like Seamless

In a Nutshell: These are the few must-have features that help you construct a beautiful application but the beauty of these features lies in the way to develop it. So to create these features, it is worth looking for professional app development services. The best part about choosing these services is it helps you stay ahead in the competition and allow you to offer unique functionalities to the users.

How to get started with the Seamless “deliveries near me” app or online food ordering app?

Developing a food delivery app like Seamless from the scratch requires a huge effort, careful planning, and budget. Also, there are various key factors to keep in mind before you actually taking a plunge into the sea of opportunities. Let’s check out the roadmap and future action plans that help you build an app that keeps your foothold strong in the competitive market.

1. Conduct a Research to Check Out The Hot Trends of the Food Industry

Before you start a mobile app development process, conduct market research to stand out from the competitors. The key factor is to conduct and analyze the market trends of the food industry to understand what exactly is trending and what else you need to integrate into your app.

Make sure you include these few questions in your research and get the answer to these following aspects:

  • Who are your competitors and what strategies they follow?
  • Who are your targeted customers?
  • How to target your potential customers?
  • What is the buying and spending capacity of your targeted user base?
  • Learn about, what technological trends are followed by the competitors to enhance their app clone?
  • How to make your ordering process simple and hassle-free?
  • Is there any way to add chatbots to order via messages?
  • Hire the software development company to integrate food delivery apps with the wearables like smartwatches.

Last, but not least, take lessons from all these hot trends and make a food delivery app.

2. Understand Your Business Needs and Choose a Food Delivery Model

To meet the end needs of the users, make sure you are well familiar with your business goals. When it comes to creating a food delivery app, there are basically two types of food delivery app models:

  • Only Food Order Model
  • Food Order and Delivery Model

But if you are following the app clone of Seamless, then, it is worth going for the “Order and Delivery model” that allows restaurants partners and logistic systems work together and are responsible for order acceptance, processing, and delivery of the food orders.

But, as per your business needs and sources at your endpoint, and investment scope, you can make a food delivery app and later expand it to another business model.

3. Select the Best Feature Set For Your App

The success of the app is greatly depending upon the features and functionalities you integrate into your app. For features, you can consider the above mentioned table and look forward to hiring an app development company to incorporate the maximum features while making a food delivery app.

Apart from the above listed feature sets, you can also consider at the respective panel, including the below mentioned:

4. Choose The Best Stack For Your Food Delivery aPP

The success of the food delivery app like Seamless lies in its hassle-free functioning, strong backend, engaging frontend, data management on server and more. So while developing a food delivery app like Seamless, it’s important to stack up the app with the right technology to provide a seamless experience of ordering food to the consumers.

So here are the few technologies that help you make an outstanding food delivery application for your business:

  • Android/iOS: React Native, Flutter
  • Backend Development: NodeJs, ExpressJs, MongoDB, Nginx, Sockets io
  • Frontend Development: ReactJs, Material UI
  • Server: AWS EC2, S3
  • Third-Party APIs: Twilio for SMS, Google Maps

By blending all these technologies together, app developers can help you create an app that perfectly fits your business needs and enables you to stand first in the competition.

5. Get an Expert Team of Food App Developers

No matter how brilliantly you have replicated the app clone of Seamless, but the success of the app lays in the way your app developers transform that app idea into a final product. The right choice of app development company backed by the experts excelled in multiple technologies will help you get your job done in an expert manner.

To develop a food delivery app like Seamless, you need an app development team comprised of:

  • Android/iOS Developer
  • Frontend and backend developers
  • Quality Assurance
  • UI/UX designer
  • Business Analysts
  • Project Manager

Now, you must be wondering how much it cost to hire a mobile app development team. The cost to hire mobile app developers can be starting from $25 to $100+ depending upon the location, expertise and knowledge of the developers.

Considering all these facts, research and surveys, the estimated cost of the food app development can be starting from $10,000 to $15,000+ and can go to any expensive price depending upon the complexity, features, OS, development team, etc. factors.

Apart, here are some basic calculations for better understanding:

Note these rough estimations are depending upon the survey reports and market research. So the actual cost range will depend on the charges charged by the food delivery app development company after analysing your app development needs.

Ending Note

Undoubtedly, the rising graph of on-demand food delivery apps is encouraging many entrepreneurs to invest in this industry. But to develop an application like Seamless app clone, make sure you have the right app development team that has experienced, skills and expertise to handle the complexity of the project. The right choice of the app development company will help you make a food delivery app that can survive the challenges and overcome it and outshine in the market among competitors.

Hopefully, with this blog, you have got all the information regarding food app delivery. Still, in case you have any doubts or queries, then you can drop a query below.




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