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How to Create an Agriculture App for Farmers

Technology is progressively spreading through the various business sectors. Such an ancient occupation as agriculture is by no means an exclusion. With the emergence of technology, the farming field has become more efficient, less time-consuming, less knowledge, able, and less resource-intensive.

Smart farming software can be used on giant farms as well as on small private plots. But one thing remains understood — there is room for a new application in the market.

This article is to explain how to build a farm app.

The Benefits Farming App Development Provides

We wouldn’t be lying if we said that farming software products are changing the entire industry. Apps for farmers bring many benefits to agronomists, making their work easier. Let’s take a look at what such apps bring to the farming industry:


In a farmer’s case, data is literally everything. Without data, all the work on any given piece of land will not bear fruit. Precision farming software automates and greatly facilitates the method of collecting, processing, and storing data regarding crops. All the information a farmer may need is now available right at their fingertips.

Improving Efficiency

Hardly anyone would dispute the fact that technology adds to efficiency in any field. In the agribusiness sector, equipment combined with software greatly boosts performance thanks to features such as the incorporation of smart irrigation systems, intelligent communications, GPS trackers, and advanced monitoring systems. In addition to increased efficiency, technology also saves time.


The introduction of the payment gateway saves a lot of hassle for both the remitter and the receiving party. Payment is made in a few clicks, which is very convenient. Multiple payment options contribute to a better user experience.

The Best Treatment for Crop Diseases

It is not rare for crops to be hit by diseases that, if not properly treated, can become life-threatening. With apps, growers have the ability to monitor crop health, find the right treatment, and take advantage of other handy features.

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Steps to Create an Agriculture App

Creating tend farming software requires careful deliberation throughout its entire development path. Since every step is significant, we have compiled all of them in one spot, as well as revealed the tips for agriculture app development .

Step #1 Idea Elaboration

Every business begins with an idea. But your idea must be detailed and well thought through. So if you have agriculture app ideas , do some analysis, research the market, and think carefully about how you see the implementation of the agriculture app for farmers.

We have some guiding questions to help you at this stage:

  • Who is your target market?
  • What region or country are you aiming for?
  • Do you want to develop a mobile app or a web app?
  • If you plan to develop a mobile app, which platform will you choose: Android, iOS, or both?
  • How would your app address a specific market problems?
  • Who are your business rivals?
  • What makes your app preferable to your rivals?
  • What monetization method will you pick for your app?

The answers will help you conceptualize your idea, give you clues for a development roadmap, and set up a marketing campaign.

Step #2 Business Analysis

During the business analysis stage, the details of the agriculture app development process are decided, the cost of development is calculated, and the features are defined. Usually, features of agriculture app development include:

  • GPS location tracking; seamless drone integration;
  • video chat and instant messages;
  • procedures for managing the supply chain for agriculture;
  • computer vision;
  • Notifications;
  • Calendar;
  • weather forecasts;
  • mentioning products used in agriculture, such as pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers;
  • scheduling the maintenance of equipment like tractors;
  • information about illnesses and how to treat them;
  • Integration of a payment system;
  • Analytics.

The list of features may be expanded depending on the business needs.

When all the above-mentioned is negotiated and agreed upon. BA puts these points in a document, that is used to ensure that you get what you planned to get.

Step #3 Pre-Development

This step is fundamental. Developers think through integrations with APIs and cloud storage, and choose technologies to be used in development. The significance of this stage is justified by the need to visualize the pattern of further development of the application, in other words, to envision how it will scale.

Step #4 Agriculture App Design

The design should be clear and easy to use. When developing a design, it is better to focus on how a real person will use it, and what their behavior in the application will be like. Usually, the design phase consists of several sub-stages:

Step #5 Development and Testing

Developers start writing code. Each feature is tested as it is developed. If a bug is found during testing, it is reported and handed over to the developer for fixing. Testing can be automated or manual.

Step #6 Deploy

When the application is ready and meets all customer requirements, it is uploaded to the Stores. Yet this is not where the development work ends.

Step #7 Maintenance and Support

It’s not enough to develop an application. Once launched, the application must be maintained and supported. The team hired to build a farm app continues to work, develop updates, fix bugs, etc. In addition to the technical part, a marketing strategy has to be set up so that the app reaches its target audience.

One could say that after the launch, the goal changes. Now your aim is no longer to create a farming app but to make it relevant in the market.

Farming Software Development for Agtech Startups

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