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Validating FinTech Trends in a VC Fund

A glance under the hood at how we validate certain future trends in a VC fund…

See below some of the insights:

Our Venture Partner Mike Reiner (*standing) giving a quick intro to what we do @ DataSeries & OpenOcean
CEO of PassFort talking about growing opportunities in RegTech

Some of the quotes that made us think:

  1. “When RegTech connects with data … it’s a way of creating transparency. It’s a disruptive approach to solutions that rests on a few key themes: efficiency, minimizing risk and improving quality”
  2. “Technology has always been part of Finance, but rarely is there a technical leader sitting in the c-suite executive department of an incumbent”
  3. The ultimate test: “Goldman Sachs is in advanced talks with Amazon to finance small business loans on their e-commerce platform”
  4. “Incumbents are not very complaisant as they don’t want to be first movers and fail. They’ve got the stamina to observe and gather substantial insights before moving. It oftentimes depends on the risk appetite they’ve got.
  5. Insight QNLP: “Applied category theory has provided compositional NLP with mathematical foundations that share similarity to those of quantum theory, suggesting that quantum computers provide a natural setting for compositional NLP tasks”
  6. “A common cultural challenge many incumbents are still facing is in linking a successful bridge between the ‘tech’ department to operations and strategy. It is still a rarity to see a ‘techie’ at a c-level position”



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Maxim Matias

Venture Associate @openocean ; building a data community at @dataseries ; MSc @imperialcollege