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Impact of Big Data Marketing Automation on Ecommerce

You might be astounded to know that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data get generated each day. With the accelerating growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) and tons of data generated every single day, it’s more and more challenging for businesses to track, measure, and turn their data into actionable insights.

This article will provide insights into how big data marketing automation strategies enables transform unstructured and structured data into actionable insights.

What is Big Data?

Big Data technology is designed to analyze, process, and extract information from the massive volume of both structured and unstructured data that are too complex to be dealt with traditional data processing software.

What is Marketing Automation?

It is the process of using software platforms and technologies designed to automate marketing activities across multiple digital channels. Marketing automation technology enables you to target your customers with automated and customized messaging to enhance the personalization.

On average, 51% of companies are currently using Marketing automation. With more than half of B2B companies (58%) plan to adopt the technology.

How Big Data plays a vital role in Marketing Automation?

The most important benefit of big data marketing automation is to provide a personalized experience to the user’s demand. For instance, take an example of an eCommerce platform — Amazon. Once you sign up for the account, the platform creates a database of all your activities. It records your Email address, everything you see, select, click, buy, or review.

Now imagine the number of users using Amazon. Of course, it’s not easy to track the massive volume of data generated from the activities of those millions of consumers. Moreover, this data keeps on increasing with new data being made and processed every single day, month, and year.

If marketing automation is utilized on the accurate data of consumer behavior and preferences, it delivers real business value. While Big Data is a powerful asset for business success, rapidly increasing digital channels make it possible to move beyond basic demographics. You can gain complete access to crucial pieces of information — consumer data, behavior, preferences to create a 360- degree view of your customer’s profile. For example, Big Data allows you to identify social media trends, and search engines indicate the growing demand for a particular product at a specific time for specific demography. It enables you to use data to target potential audiences that are more likely to be interested in the products.

How to leverage Big Data to boost Marketing Automation?

1. Enhanced Personalization

Implementing Big Data technology in marketing automation helps build long-lasting relationships with your customers. For instance, an eCommerce platform might use chatbots to automate and improve the customer service process. But the information shared by customers can be used to provide better and more personalized product recommendations and tailored messages in more innovative ways than ever.

Hence, businesses need to learn about the buying preferences of their audience regularly to deliver outstanding customer experiences and boost customer satisfaction. The largest eCommerce marketplace in the world — Amazon, utilizes Big Data technology and marketing automation to provide excellent customer experience and drive more revenue & sales.

2. Email Marketing Campaigns

It is essential to understand the consumer’s journey and offer products which suits your customers need. Divide your target audience into segments for customized marketing and better engagement. Customer segmentation can be done based on user behavior data such as consumption habits, spending habits, purchase history, products liked, and more. It helps drive more engagement by personalizing email campaigns. Segmenting customers becomes very easy and effective with marketing automation.

Dynamic content in email campaigns with personalized product recommendations, updates, and resources can increase conversions significantly. Hence, email automation personalization plays a crucial role in boosting eCommerce conversions.

3. Find out what’s Trending

Adding trending products to your eCommerce store is a sure way to boost revenue through targeted traffic. But how to find out the most popular products that everyone is talking about at that particular time? You can find trends through social media, hashtags, search engines, and more. Google trends will show you that products that are creating a buzz in the market.

4. Consistent Communication

Poor communication and irrelevant messaging risks customer frustration and can result in loss of revenue. It is necessary to align content with the buyer’s expectations. When it comes to customer communication, the “one size fits for all messaging” concept is not recommended. Marketing automation utilizes customer data to create relevantly, tailored messaging for individual customers. Hence, it enables us to increase customer retention and drive business performance.

5. Optimize Pricing Strategy

Optimizing the pricing of the product has the power to increase revenue. Consider product pages on your eCommerce store that receives significanttraffic but fails to generate sales, notably its time to optimize the price of your products. And once the new pricing gets updated, try sending a personalized email that specifies price reduction (sale offer) to bring back the lost customers.


Marketing automation empowers your team to automate manual and repetitive tasks, thereby freeing their time to focus on more strategic tasks to enhance the customer experience. It leverages big data technology to remove the hassles of working on repetitive tasks.
Hence, employing big data marketing automation for e-commerce helps you send relevant content and offers to segmented customers. It helps automate welcome and thank you greetings email that builds a good impression.

If you wish to offer top-notch shopping experience to your customers, consider hiring an eCommerce web development solution provider that can help turn your business idea into a success.



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