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Journeys Through The Digimaginal

How VR, AR, and the Blockchain can transform consciousness.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

You’ve just gotten your first AR goggles, you’d been looking forward to this for weeks. To get familiar with the capabilities, you decide to go for a walk around town. Along the way, you think you pass something, something big, doubling back.

And there, right in front of you, in an unassuming vista, a monument, no, a temple? Grand would be understating it, this place was…moving? It unfurls itself to you. You walk up through its gates, noticing a strange sound as you traverse what had until now been a grassy hill.

Inside, you find statues, self-transforming glyphs, and a group of people encircling a virtual fire. Nearing them, you see that they are singing, rather, intoning a melody. As they do, the temple around you quivers and transforms, as though the sound were generating it. You suddenly realize that you can feel the effects of the temple.

Just then, the virtual room stills as the chorus quiets. A woman at the front motions you over.

“How did you do that?” you ask, “What is this place?”

She smiles as she pulls out a VR headset from her bag. It has a strange lattice covering the crown. “You want to see?” she asks, grinning mischievously.

In VR, you enter an app with the same symbol you saw on the temple, it forms into the name “AGAMA.”

The app opens to a sprawling expanse with strange geometries winding past you and around. “The space reflects how you’re feeling” the woman says as her avatar walks through your VR space, tracked by her AR goggles.

“The patterns you see represent your current brainwaves; each set of brainwave-patterns are mapped to sound. This creates a kind of…alphabet.”

Abruptly, she starts intoning a note. The space around you shifts to a different pattern following her voice. “See? Depending on how you want to feel, you can form the brainwave-pattern you want just by singing it. You can finally see inside your own head. We even use it to communicate, not to mention build.”

“Build what?” you ask. She points past you in response, toward an opening in the pattern.

As you walk through it, you find yourself stopped short by what you see. On the other side is a city, filled with a vast diversity of buildings, each effuse with the majesty of the archaic.

There are even constructions from history, ancient temples, henges, and more, each designed to be interacted with collectively for the invocation of greater states of consciousness.

A playground of olde ritual vivified as an interface of the digimaginal. Across its landscape, you sight users using sound to build their own ritual-spaces synesthetically, every note producing geometries of interaction.

A city made of poetry.

Turning back, you see the temple you had discovered form into the city, a counter emerging beside it: “500.”

A cheer expels from the multitude of avatars . “Five hundred?” you ask the woman. “Five hundred Gompas around the world,’’ she says, “each with enough members to consecrate their own temples. Five hundred cities. For now anyway, wait until we hit a thousand.”

“What happens at a thousand?”

That night, you find videos, people from all over the world, scattered, finding these temples, speculating about what was going on, and, what was coming.

You also find you’ve received something called “AGAMA-Coin” in your wallet; the blockchain having verified your participation in the event earlier. Translating the name, you find it is Sanskrit, meaning: “the Arrived”.

Epilogue: The Day of the Thousandth Temple

It was finally time. On the Day of the Thousandth Temple, a message is sent to every Gompa and every holder of AGAMA-Coin: a Mobilization-briefing.

Within a few weeks a thousand congregations had consecrated a thousand AR temples in a hundred countries. With every one, the value of AGAMA-Coin surged as more people initiated themselves through spontaneous collaborative projects.

The momentum exponentiated as an expanding user-base with their own resources and skills started playing out the roles they had claimed within their congregations, forming the greater Sangha.

Spanning almost every continent, the mobilization rolls across every city like a storm. People from across origin are called by the mood, electric throughout the world. Within hours, the city they had been building in virtual-reality was a revelatory sight manifested in every street.

Visible, yet hidden, now known, hundreds of thousands synchronously come out to paint the world with their song, realizing a novel artistic force to liberate the creative spirit.

The day retreats just as spontaneously as it had arisen, not giving any large institution a chance to respond, but the true implications soon become clear.

The imagination of Humanity having been unleashed, AGAMA-Coin soars and focalizes the exchanges, while the AR and VR capabilities allow wide-spread access to a nascent global transcendent consciousness.

Art spills out for every eye to behold, beckoning initiation into its call as people everywhere transform reality into a temple for the imaginal, prepared finally for its deities to arrive.

Project AGAMA

Want to help blossom this vision? Contribute to our community pilot-project to build a digimaginal platform for visionary collaboration; we want any musings, ramblings, artwork, or expertise you have to offer!

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Send us your favourite VR hangouts to help us explore the innate capacities of VR, AR, and the Blockchain for realizing novel techniques of accessing greater consciousness. Let’s meet in the digimaginal!

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“…we can make this planet into a living reflection of the inner dream.” — Terence Mckenna



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