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Looking for Data Leaders in Europe 📣

Data is an integral part of our everyday lives. Whichever industry you work in, you will almost certainly have come across a story about how “data” is changing the face of our world. If you believe in this, as much as we do, you are certainly in the right place. Welcome to our network: DataSeries.

Who are we?

Some might call us a community, but DataSeries is truly a network more than a community. We consist of three distinct, yet inextricably linked, categories of individuals — all at data-intensive companies, across Europe:

  1. Founders
  2. Executives
  3. Thought leaders / Seasoned experts

Our Mission

To serve as the thought-sharing platform for all of the above individuals.

What makes us special?

Supported by early-stage Finnish investors OpenOcean, DataSeries serves as the go-to platform for founders and executives at data-intensive organizations to disseminate valuable information and quality content with their following as well as those of their peers.

Data drives decision-making, fuels machine learning capabilities, and is responsible for the targeted ads that some of us love, and others hate. Data also has the potential to boost a company’s revenue, improve a city’s infrastructure, and can even contribute towards curing global diseases.

The Blog, Social Media & Community Presence

DataSeries is up and coming data-related blog publication, with over 5K views per month. We have a heavy offline presence as well, spearheading a number of data discussions at various conferences and tech summits. Our content is often featured on external domains and our panel discussions are most frequently featured by World Summit AI, CITY.AI, OpenOcean, along with other notable outlets.

Do you have a passion for DATA-related topics?

We are looking for founders, researchers, executives, developers, bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs. Share your experience, thoughts, and lessons learned on a data-related topic of your choice, and engage in meaningful discussions with our network while building a global readership.

Topics we are interested in:

Whether its about Internet of Things (IoT), Real-time analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Security, Chatbots and Conversational agents, Traceability of information, Monetization of data, Data Science, GDPR, Data in the Cloud, Data Governance, or any other topic you feel might be interesting to our network —submit an application for our Data Leader position.

Why become a writer?

  • Reach a broader audience with your articles
  • Earn money through the Medium Partner Program
  • Obtain key feedback about your work
  • Network with our community

You will remain the only owner of your work and will be able to edit or delete it at any moment, even after we have published it. The feedback our editors and community provides to you will appear at the relevant place in your article. You will be able to dismiss or respond to them. You will, however, be provided with a list of potentially useful quotes that you can choose to use in order to bolster your argument — if you wish to.

To become a writer, please send your article (we prefer to receive a link to a Medium draft) here. If you want us to publish your post on a specific date, please schedule it before submission.

  • Please note that we only work on Medium. We don’t proofread articles published on your blog, a PDF, or a google doc.
  • Before submitting your post make sure you read the Writers’ Guide and Medium’s curation guidelines. Not only will it help you get published in TDS, but it will also enhance your chances of being featured in Medium’s topics.
  • Please include your CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile in your email.

Finally, once you published your first article with us, you are considered as an official writer and can submit your next post directly through Medium.

How can I earn money with Data Series?

Writers can choose to meter stories that are on TDS, and earn money through the Medium Partner Program based on engagement from Medium members. “Metering” refers to making a story eligible to earn money behind Medium’s metered paywall. Writers keep 100% of the earnings. (Read more)

We are happy to publish member-only posts. Please ensure the post is a great one and respects the Member Content Guidelines.

Our publication in numbers: (DEC 2018)

  • Minutes read (30 days): 600
  • Views (30 days): 1500
  • Unique Daily Visitors (30-day average): 150
  • Followers:

Style Guide

  • Titles: Pick a Great Title and Subtitle. You can use this tool.
  • Photos: Include a great cover photo.
  • Paragraphs: Bold & capitalize titles in every section throughout the article.
  • Readability: Use subtitles, bullet points, pictures and white space to divide the content into more manageable pieces for the reader.
  • Teach: Write with the heart of a teacher by delivering real value and learnings to the reader. (If your article only promotes your products or company, we won’t publish it).
  • Data: Make a strong, clear argument supported by examples, details, and/or data.
  • Concrete: Use real life examples to make it concepts easier to understand. Make it tangible.
  • Sources: Give credit to original sources of information.
  • Why & What: Get into the topic right away by letting the reader know what you will be writing about and why they should care.

When You Submit a Story:

  • Be sure to let us know if the story has been published or submitted elsewhere.
  • Be sure to disclose conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies/technologies covered in the story.
  • If you’re not the author, be sure to tell us what organization you work for and spell out your relationship to the author.
  • No Link Spam (Don’t link to same external domain more than once).

Sign up to:

Good luck and we hope to have welcome you onboard as a Data Leader!



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