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Planet-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Responsible Approaches, Wind Farms, Forums, Research Initiatives and Data Centres

1. Responsible Approaches to Artificial Intelligence

1.1 Making Artificial Intelligence Work For Our Shared Ecology

1.2 Leaders in Technology Must Act Responsibly

1.3 Reducing the use of Artificial Intelligence

1.4 Reusing Artificial Intelligence

1.5 Recycling in Artificial Intelligence

1.6 …but Planet-Centered is Not Enough

2. AI-enabled Wind Farms

2.1 Can Artificial Intelligence Contribute to More Renewable Energy?

2.2 We Need Wind Power

2.3 Turbines with AI

3. The Forum of

3.1 Machine Learning as a Tool in Fighting Climate Change

3.2 Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning

4.0 Research Initiatives for AI and the Climate Crisis

4.1 There is a Growing Engagement to Consider AI in the Context of Climate Change

4.2 AI for Climate Change Track at Stanford University

4.3 AI for the study of Environmental Risks (AI4ER)

4.4 Short Note on Social Science vs. Natural Science

5.0 Talking About Artificial Intelligence and the Climate Crisis

5.1 Drifting Off Into the Distance of a Fast Moving Field

5.2 Existing Problems versus Possible Futures

6.0 AI & Data Centres

6.1 Hey Data Centre Industry Show us Your Numbers

6.2 Lack of Reliable Data

Perhaps it is time to say: hey data centre industry, show us your numbers.

On the Other Hand Tech Companies are Not Completely Complacent in Regards to the Climate Crisis

Really though?



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