Maxim Matias
Jun 11 · 2 min read

This submission is for writers that have not been previously in touch with anyone from the DataSeries team.

Get your story featured in an easy two-step process.


Check out our guidelines before submitting your story to us:

  • A well-written informative story linking to any data-related topic
  • Visualise your story to make it more interactive (don’t use cheap stock images — bring your story to life)
  • Avoid click bait headlines if you’re content piece does not actually offer any opinions/expertise and lessons learned
  • Avoid self-promotion, but if you do, do it creatively!
  • We republish stories only if it’s thought-provoking and has been proven successful across other platforms

What stories does DataSeries prefer?:

  • Stories that have been curated by Medium and tagged in a category (for example: Technology, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science etc.)
  • Manage distribution settings: Tick / Allow curators to recommend my story to interested readers. Recommended stories are part of the Medium’s metered paywall.
  • Stories behind Medium’s paywall: Since the launch of the Partner Program, writers are finally able to earn a few bucks and spread their knowledge internationally. As part of our efforts to promote as many writers as possible, we’ll prioritise stories behind the paywall over free stories; as it collectively enables an increase in the minutes read and impressions of both your own content and of the publication as a whole. Here’s some more info regarding the Medium Partner Program:

Topics we love:

  • Anything data-related
  • Problem solving content
  • Forward/Futuristic thinking
  • Thought-leadership opinions that has impact on opinions
  • Some tags could include: #artificialintelligence #bigdata #datascience #algorithms #deeplearning #technology #futurism #autonomousdriving #unicorns #automation #predictiveanalytics #datalakes etc. etc…


Use the form below to submit your content piece directly to us:

IMPORTANT: Once you’ve submitted your content profile via the link above, please keep an eye open for a mail that will notify you that you’ve been added as a writer to the DataSeries publication, meaning; you can then directly submit any data-related topic to us for review & submission.

Finally, once you published your first article with us, you are considered as an official writer and can submit your next post directly through Medium.

Thanks in advance, we are looking forward to reading your content.

If you have any questions, please contact Maxim via LinkedIn.


A network of data thought leaders, sharing lessons learned, in preparation for the future 🚀

Maxim Matias

Written by

Venture Associate @openocean ; building a data community at @dataseries ; MSc @imperialcollege ; Contact at:


A network of data thought leaders, sharing lessons learned, in preparation for the future 🚀

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