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It’s time for some compare/contrast Generation X (men) style. I’ve produced a mesa en el Excel listing the key characteristics attributed to those nefarious Baby Boomers, Generation Equis and Generation formerly known as Generation Y (if I turn out to have more in common with the generation now called “Millennials”, I’m not f*ckin calling myself a f*ckin “Millennial”), and Generation Z.

***I’d like it noted that I know that there are more traits and events for each generation. What’s more, I probably missed some big ones. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, just a sampling. I heard that there’s a huge repository of information out there like some kind of “web” of stuff to know. If you’d like to know more, seek ye this “inter network”.

In short, an extraordinary occurrence comes to influence the thoughts and behaviors of that generation and, as a result, that generation is identified with that mood. Indeed, subsequent generations often find meaning in opposition to the prevailing mood of the previous generation. For instance, I identify with Gen X because of the “whatever” attitude borne out of a nonchalance honed on the yuppie mentality of success and consumerism. Point for Gen X.

As concerns the major events for Gen X — I do recall the Berlin Wall coming down. My memory of that event centers around an exhibit at a museum in Oklahoma City called “The Omniplex” — at least it was when I went (pretty sure the name has changed). Here is the portion of that impressively oppressive (ompressive/ly?) bulwark from that fateful day -

“I don’t know why

That we should be

Part of a group

That cares so much;

And I don’t give a poop,

About politics and such.”

I sensed her dismay

That makes you a “‘Meh’-llinneal”

That shouldn’t suggest that you’re unmotivated. The ‘Meh’-llinneal is an expert “‘meh’-ddler”. That is to say, t the ‘Meh’-llineal is a Millennial insofar as he/she will will seek out good company/worthwhile activities, but that is where the Millennial ends. If you were to ask this champion why he/she is party to such activities,, the answer will be arbitrary and joyless. Some examples –

- “I didn’t have anything else to do”

- “Because I was bored”

- “Ugh, whatever” *stupendous eye roll*

Come to think of it, those responses will work with any “why” question

Image sources are at the bottom of the article

So, Millennial or Generation X? I’m going to be a maverick like Sarah Palin (I should stick her on” Generation X 2 (12?): Pinball Edition, The Sequel”) and say neither — ‘Meh’-llineal all the way — I know I should be concerned with what you think about my choice, but whatever.





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