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Streets, Madrid, Spain — photo by @jackgisel

Towards a National AI Strategy for Spain

The economic and social potential of AI is a central issue in the discussion of its possible impacts. Some studies predict that IA could add about 14 trillion Euros to the global economy by 2030 and double economic growth rates by 2035.

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Our country has a solid RDI system that is enabling the creation of a science and technology — based ecosystem for AI and that still has a wide margin for growth

In short, Spain should encourage the creation of a digital infrastructure associated with AI , not necessarily centralized, but distributed and providing the different components of the infrastructure, specifically data sets, certifications of processes and stored data, commonly used AI algorithms and computational physical infrastructures that can be included in pan — European infrastructures. [bold in original text]

In this priority, the ultimate objective of the Spanish scientific community will be to app roach, from a multidisciplinary viewpoint, the general design of AI systems from an alignment of ethical, legal and social aspects.




Imagine the future of data

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