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Why And How To Hire Mobile App Development Companies In Dubai, UAE?

Are you planning to launch a mobile application for your business, having a billion-dollar mobile app idea that directly helps you start earning the money? Then go ahead and hit the market!

But the monetization of your app is greatly depending upon the market scope and the demand of end-users. While it’s true that the mobile app industry is flooding with approx 5.6 million applications, but does every app idea get successful in this cut-throat competitive market?

According to the survey, only 30% of the app get approved to launch in the app store and only 1% of apps leverage the success.

So the simple way to avoid loss and the pitfalls of all app, the majority of the organizations ranging from startup to leading entrepreneurs decided to explore the expert mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE.

Now the last statement raises three questions for you:

  • Why Dubai has become the hotspot to hire mobile app developers these days?
  • Reasons Why Organisations Are Looking to Hire Mobile App Development Companies in UAE?
  • How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai?

When it comes to hiring mobile app developers in UAE, you can’t take a risk to randomly collaborate with any outsourcing software development company based on ratings or just it is coming at the top position while a search on google.

Offer course, there is a magic of SEO behind that! So stop making yourself fool by simply considering the top three options and making a choice between them.

Why Dubai Has Become the Hotspot to Hire Mobile App Developers?

In recent years, with the emerging technologies and innovations take place, Dubai has become one of the most popular and smartest cities in the UAE for hiring programmers for business requirements.

Undoubtedly, that today we are heading towards the future where app users demand innovations and out of the box app ideas that ensure an excellent user interface experience, with the best features and new technologies such as geolocation, data capture, video mapping, seamless data synchronizing through multiple platforms and more.

And the mobile app development companies in Dubai are well-aware of these changing needs and allow you to take a step ahead of the app development.

Dubai is a convincing location to consider from across the world and the significant increase in demand for mobile app development solutions has even given growth to the leading app development companies in Dubai.

But the real challenge is how to find and hire the best company in the field of mobility among the pool of companies.

While be it an ambitious tech startup or a large established company, everyone is eyeing up to partner with the reliable yet top app development company in UAE.

But why…?

Reasons Why Organisations Looking to Hire Mobile App Development Companies in UAE?

In the wake of digitization, where mobile apps are becoming a modern face of businesses, hiring a mobile app development company lets you get the attention of a pool of experts that comprise business analyst, developers, designers and testers on your project.

  • Industry Rich Experience: Since mobile app development services are being offered for a long time now in Dubai, therefore, businesses can easily find experienced developers for their project. To verify this statement, it is worth tracking the app launched date from Google Play Store or Apple App store. Experience and expertise have actually made Dubai a hotspot to hire mobile app developers for the app development project.
  • Integrating Proven Methodologies and Industry Best Technologies: There is no shortcut to achieving success, you need to take small steps on a ladder. And one of the simple ways to ahead towards is to collaborate with the app development company that is equipped with the latest trends and technologies to dominate the mobile app industry. And Dubai is at the forefront of these trends and thus can adapt to these changes before anyone else takes a step.
  • Expert in Mobile App Development: Dubai is globally known for its business hub and with the growing business, the demand for supporting tech has also grown. Thus, Dubai is aiming to become a global leader in technology and one area in that Dubai has expertise is the mobile app development sector. This is why many IT firms are specialised in creating almost all sort of mobile applications and easily add a competitive edge to your business.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: In addition to the last point, Dubai offers you affordable app development solution while being committed to delivering quality. Firstly, there are many mobile app companies in Dubai, so the competition is high and the cost of development is lower than that of other countries in GCC.
  • Proven Track Records: The major reason being choosing Dubai to outsource a mobile app development company is they have a proven track record of developing apps that support and boost business. Every top mobile developing company has a rich portfolio of projects for major global companies and holding the expertise to handle projects with any level of complexity.
  • Flexible Engagement Model: When you hire developers in Dubai for app development, you will be assured to utilize their expertise and skills as per your project requirement. Considering the changing needs of the market, most app development companies tend to offer the user flexible engagement models with the choice of hourly, weekly, monthly or dedicated hiring models.

The services that are provided by the professionals allow you to avail the services without compromising with the timeline and project quality.

So choosing the best mobile app development company in Dubai has become a challenging task for the business. Keep in mind, if you end up choosing the wrong app developers, your business ends up in a disaster. And once the reputation of the business is damaged, you may not have a second chance to rebuild the app.

How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Development Company in Dubai?

Whether you are a resident of Dubai or an outsider, if you are looking to hire the best app developers in Dubai, you should know what are the best skills to look for. Everyone knows that the first and the foremost point to consider is choosing and hiring the right app developer in Dubai is to collect information through past client reviews and studying their portfolio to ensure that you are making an investment at the right company.

Strong Domain Expertise: With various technologies, tools and frameworks available in the market for app development, you can’t risk hiring an app developer with a basic knowledge of such technologies. To get an edge over competitors, it is important to hire app developer in Dubai who is well versed with the domain and must hold in-depth knowledge of the technology you are specifically looking for. The company needs to have expertise in mobile app development in your area. To verify their expertise and knowledge, don’t hesitate to go through with their portfolio.

Adhering App Security Measure: App idea and data security is the topmost priority for any business. So before collaborating with any company, make sure they sign an NDA contract with you or follow other project security measures.

Cost-Effective: When it comes to investing in mobile app development services, affordability and cost-effectiveness are the primary concerns of businesses. It is essential to verify whether the company is offering you cheap solutions or just trying to allure in the marketing trap? To check this, you can apply a simple formula for calculating the number of development hours with an hourly cost of the developers to know the project’s final estimation. If the hourly rates are cost-effective and actually meet your requirement, then it is good enough to go for.

App Development Proficiency: Imagine how embarrassing it is to launch an app that is full of errors and bugs? To avoid this situation, one cannot miss out to check how proficient they are in app development. When you hire a cross-platform app development company in UAE, know the number of experience they have in creating applications of various domains. More the number, the better proficiency they have on app development. Being assured about the expertise of the developer is very important, don’t make the mistake of hiring mobile app developer with less proficiency and risking your business unnecessarily.

24*7 Support: One of the most important to check, the company you choose to hire is available to work according to different time zone? Collaborating with a company that works with normal working hours may create cause delays in the app development project and also increase the risk of a communication gap between your team.

Outsourcing Or Developing in House Team: Whether you want to hire an app development team in UAE or to look to hire an in-house team? Often startups opt for outsourcing mobile app developers to save costs and bring the best talent to their project. Whereas, in-house team include the ability to dictate hours, watch live progress and get to know more about your development team. But setting up any programmer as an employee and moulding him/her in your business structure can be a costly approach. Therefore, 41% of companies prefer outsourcing the best mobile app development company on a project on a contract basis to save time, money and efforts.

Project Management Methodology: How your project is being processed with the team? To bring transparency to the development project, it is essential to know what methodologies and app development process they follow to proceed with the development project.

Conclusion: Hiring a Mobile App Developer in Dubai

Developing a mobile application is an essential aspect of your business, but your app’s success depends upon the team you choose to hire for the app development project. With the availability of millions of applications in the market, users are no longer tolerate an app that is not well developed and not even gives a second chance to get it rectified.

So make your decision to hire app developers in Dubai wisely. For assistance, you can consider the checklist that we have provided above in this blog and narrow down your list with the best services providers in Dubai.



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