Why Business Should Embrace Live Streaming Or Similar Technology To Boost Their Business?

Jie Liang Chua
Jul 13, 2020 · 5 min read

Technology has altered the way that we do most of our tasks. It is now easier and faster to do activities. The world has become connected due to this. Covid-19 has highlighted the helpful benefits of technology further, especially for businesses. It has become more important than ever for a company to take advantage of live streaming and other technologies to help their business prosper. Without this, a brand cannot advance. Read on to find out why businesses need to take advantage of technology.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming tends to be media that is streamed online and at the same time recorded along with broadcasting. This all occurs in real-time. It is the way that data is sent whilst someone is viewing a video online and in real-time. It will not be initially recorded as well as stored. With the help of these businesses can have meetings online for instance, especially during Covid-19 when social distancing needs to be practiced.

Why should a business use technology?

Now let us look at the reasons for companies to use live streaming and other technology:

Advertise products

Brands need to advertise their products so that people know about them. With the aid of streaming, product along with services promotions can occur. Announcements informing consumers about sales and other benefits are also possible. In this way, customers will know about what is going on. It is a simple way to market products.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. can even be used for this purpose, i.e. to advertise and promote products. By having a prominent presence online, individuals can get to know about a business and what it has to offer.

Communicate directly across the globe

Before the advent of internet services, it was tough for companies to communicate with people in other countries. This case is no longer present. Live broadcasts help one have direct communication with consumers.

A business can link with other brands across the globe and work with them in enhancing their products. It is now easier to do this with live streaming. You can get more business opportunities and better partners that are simple to communicate with whenever needed. This helps advance the company to a new high level.

If you do not have advanced technology facilities then brands across the world will not prefer to do business with you as it will be tough to contact you. These companies will in the end fail.

More audience

When physical events occur, they are often only possible in the area to present at a certain venue. Due to streaming, it is possible to allow many individuals to take part in the conference or event. You may be launching a new product for instance; you can let people in far off places take part in this.

One will not be limited due to geography because of technology. The only limitation connected with live streaming is about your server capacity of the service you select.

Save time and money

With the outbreak of Covid-19 and flights being canceled, businesses have to continue pursuing activities. This includes those which need to occur in other countries. Over here one realized the importance of technology.

Rather than making business partners have to travel much just to be involved in a meeting, technology allows this time to be saved if it is live-streamed. Therefore, much money will be saved for the business as well. They will not have to buy air tickets so that their staff can take part in an important conference.

This time and money can be spent on developing the brand further. Rather than making staff waste time traveling, they can pursue other activities here.

Variety of content

Live broadcasting does not only include live video plus audio streaming. One can pursue other content along with multimedia, like pictures, text, live chat, etc. For a business that relies on presentations, it is possible to use various presentation methodologies as well.

Therefore, meetings can easily happen with these services. Instead of arranging the meeting in a physical location and incurring all the expenses, having it online leads to money being saved and staff members fresh and ready to take part.

You can have useful training which people can take advantage of. How-to videos are helpful and consumers can learn much with them. These may even occur easily. Trade shows are something else that will aid your brand out further.

Effective customer support

Customer support is a very necessary part of any company. If this is not effective and helpful, the business can fail. Taking advantage of technology such as using applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. one can easily allow customers to connect with the brand.

They will share anything that they do not like the product they got. Customer service is available to help fix the issue before it becomes popularized leading to a bad image being created for their company.

Technology allows one to have immediate and 24-hour customer support services available to answer any queries that people have. It is cheap for the consumer to contact and ask any questions that they have. In this way, technology helps the business in being able to function efficiently in a variety of methods.

Company reviews

The reviews that a business gets, allows some people to decide on whether they want to use their services or not. The internet allows it to be possible to write reviews concerning products. A business can ask clients to give feedback. If it is negative then the brand will need to act soon whilst positive ones help boost the product.

Technological advances have been able to help businesses enhance their procedures. This includes collaborating with colleagues who are at a remote location employing video-conferencing features or messaging consumers to ask them to provide you with a Google review, technology has been able to let companies fulfill their aims in a better way.

Originally published at https://audiovisualaoce.com on July 13, 2020.

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