London Tech Week 2017 — Which Data events to attend?

Kam Rafique
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read

London Tech Week 2017 is almost here. The four day festival kicks off on June 12th, 2017 and promises 40,000 visitors from 70 countries visiting 300 events across the capital.

So, how do you know which events to make?

Lucky for you, we have taken a look at the data events during London Tech Week. Here are the events to look out for so block out your diary, now…

Monday, June 12th

AI and the future workforce — people disruption or opportunity?

  • Learn how organisations are using AI now, what AI can do and what it won’t do.
  • Explore the future for AI to transform your business, decision making and customer service.
  • Discover what AI will mean for your workforce, the impact on individuals and why the right mindset is key.

Organised by: Hudson and ASI Data Science

Date & Time: Monday 12th June 08:30–10:00

Free entry

DigiTech Festival

  • Enjoy 2 days of keynote presentations delivered by world-renowned speakers, interactive panel discussions & unrivaled networking opportunities with your peers, as you learn and share key insights into the trends and challenges of your industry.
  • Check out the five-track agenda here:

Organised by: The Innovation Enterprise

Date & Time Monday 12th — Tuesday 13th June 08:00–16:30

Paid entry £995 — £995

Tuesday, June 13th

Harbottle & Lewis GDPR Tech Roundtable

  • Are you ready for the GDPR?
  • Harbottle & Lewis’ data protection tech roundtable discussion will include a 15 minute overview on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on 25 May 2018, and will then become an interactive discussion on the key challenges facing the UK tech industry and the steps which your peers and competitors are taking to prepare.

Organised by: Harbottle & Lewis

Date & Time Tuesday 13th June 18:00–20:00

Free entry

Rent, Rain, and Regulations: How can Advanced Analytics Predict Crime in Portland, Oregon?

  • See how a combination of machine learning, time series modeling, and geostatistics is more effective at predicting future crime than any of these techniques alone.
  • Using a variety of public data sets, including police reports, the US census, Foursquare, newspapers, and the weather, Jorie will discuss how to merge, visualize, and model this type of multi-dimensional data, using PostGIS, spatial mapping, time-series analyses, dimensionality reduction, and machine learning.

Organised by: Dataiku

Date & Time Tuesday 13th June 18:30–21:00

Free entry

Wednesday, June 14th

Exploit your own data to achieve competitive agility

  • Have your realised yet that one of the vital first steps on the journey to digital transformation is insight into your data?
  • If a transformation goal is to be more nimble in an ever increasingly competitive market, then come and discover how IoT, machine learning, cognitive analytics and even bots can help you engage with your customers in truly innovative ways.

Organised by: Microsoft

Date & Time Wednesday 14th June 11:30–12:30

Free entry

Wednesday lunchtime lecture: Opening up White House data

  • Showcasing some of the work has done with key federal organisations like the US Census, the Department of Defense, and the White House, Matt will talk about how has helped to make data more accessible and drive more collaboration and a more engaged community around it.

Organised by: Open Data Institute

Date & Time Wednesday 14th June 13:00–14:00

Free entry

Thursday, June 15th

Analytics Summit

  • The Annual Analytics Summit brings together experts from government, journalism, industry and academia to help you turn data into decisions.
  • Filled with case studies, innovations and strategies, the summit is one day of learning and networking for anyone involved in organisational decision-making — analysts and decision-makers alike.

Organised by: The OR Society

Date & Time Thursday 15th June 09:00–17:00

Paid entry £175

Building the best Data Analytics Function for your business

  • Building Data Science or Analytics teams is a complex business, and the goalposts keep moving, as the pace of change is not abating.
  • This event brings together a stellar group of speakers who have been through these challenges

Organised by: TestBoard in association with Tech London Advocates DataTech

Date & Time Thursday 15th June 16:00–18:00

Free entry

[Disclaimer, we are co-hosts for this event]


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Covering Data & Analytics, BI, Predictive Analytics, Data & Analytics Startups, DataTech Events and TLA DataTech Working Group