Datatrics partners with Invest Online

Together with a team of 40 digital specialists Invest Online strives to realize the best websites, webshops and digital marketing campaigns. By using Datatrics Invest Online adds value to the service they offer their clients to achieve the best online marketing results. These clients will now become even more relevant for their customers and marketers will be able to offer personalized content at each touchpoint within the customer journey.

Datatrics bridges marketing and data science by analyzing both internal and external channels to give actionable insights that are easy to implement. This makes Datatrics an indispensable tool for any small or medium-sized marketing team, such as Invest Online.

“Together with Invest Online, a conversion optimization expert, we’re able to achieve even better results in the field of online marketing. We give marketers, who do not have the resources or capacity to hire data scientists, the opportunity to apply predictive marketing solutions.” — Bas Nieland

Executing relevant data-driven campaigns makes an important contribution to achieve the online objectives of Invest Online’s clients. By using predictive insights, marketing campaigns can continuously be improved at every touchpoint within the customer journey. In cooperation with their clients, Invest Online strives to realize the formulated online ambitions and together they’re always looking for tricks to achieve maximum results. Datatrics offers the solution to achieve these goals and that’s why Invest Online chose to partner with us.

“The Datatrics platform enables us to reach even better results for our clients. By combining the right data we’re now able to compile a client profile as complete as possible. Customers will be more open to a marketing message; a message that’s delivered at the right time, through the right channel and with the right call to action. Additionally, Datatrics is also easy to integrate into an existing ecosystem. ” — Marco Zweekhorst, Manager Invest Online

Just like Marco Zweekhorst, we’re very enthusiastic about this partnership and we both look forward to build awesome success stories in the future.

If you’re curious about the possibilities for you to become a Datatrics partner, please visit our partner pages or contact us.