Community Update #29

Datawallet Community Guide, TV interviews & more

Dear Datawallet Community,

as promised in last Sunday’s update we just kicked off the very first stage of our beta marketing campaign together with our partners at Beginning next week we will start sharing more content on the data space, why Datawallet’s mission is so critical and more. We also asked the Datawallet moderators in our Telegram Channel to collect questions for the team to answer — so please reach out to them with any in-depth questions you may have. With that, let’s jump into this week’s Community Update:

Datawallet Socials

Starting with our campaign and the rebrand of our announcements only channel on Telegram, we have kicked our marketing efforts off inviting new people into our community — across the various channels. With our main Telegram Channel reaching 13k+ members, the Datawallet Twitter is up to 10k followers and our official WeChat growing to 7k followers. Across the various platforms this brings the total Datawallet community to ca. 50,000 members! Thank you for the support on our journey to give data ownership back to the user! To simply stay up to date please join below:

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Datawallet Community Guide — Get Started

With new people coming into the community it was important to us that we provide all the most important information in one simple place; a beginners guide to understand how everything works. Thus, the Datawallet Community Guide was born — providing you everything in one simple place, including information on the platform, DXT, the team and much more. Feedback on this is much appreciated, so please reach out to us and let us know if something is missing!

Get started with Datawallet


Datawallet TV Interviews

This week we were also visited by an international TV station in our Berlin offices where our CEO Serafin Engel gave an interview and we gave them a sneak peak look at the behind the scenes of Datawallet. As soon as the short report becomes available (in multiple languages) — we will of course share it with you. For a quick glance behind the scenes take a look below:


This is it for today’s update. If you have further questions please contact the team via our official Telegram Group or stay up to date with only the most important news via our official Telegram Datawallet Daily Channel.

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