Datawallet launches DX Research — A new Data Exchange

Today, Datawallet launched a new data exchange in the Datawallet app — DX Research. DX Research is Datawallet’s development research platform. Data shared via this exchange will be used to create anonymized analyses that will help us further develop the exchange side of our platform. Everyone participating in DX Research will earn up to 10 DXT per month, depending on the data sources connected. No personal identifiable information will ever be shared with anyone looking at an analysis from DX Research. This data exchange will give users of the Datawallet app another way of earning DXT for sharing their privacy-preserved insights, with some geographical restrictions currently still enforced. While allowing the Datawallet team to better build the next iteration of our platform.

We are at this time completely revamping our proprietary analytics platform DX Insights with the goal of making it more scalable and to more easily onboard enterprise clients. We received a lot of feedback that we are now implementing, for this we had to take DX Insights offline at the end of March. When the backend infrastructure is finalized we will launch we will launch more exchanges with our partners that are already in the pipeline. We are excited for these exchanges.

We also finalized the payout flow of DXT. As we previously said, the goal for the was the end of April. Unfortunately, we are still waiting for legal approval to push the update in the app. Given the regulatory uncertainty in many markets we are operating in we are working hard to ensure we do not launch anything that could at one point be perceived as outside of the scope. We will keep you updated on the development.


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