Datawallet launches private Alpha of API, with inaugural Data Exchange offered by Fresh Digital Media Group

NEW YORK, March 9, 2018 — Datawallet, a leading C2B blockchain-based data exchange, today announced the launch of the private alpha of its Data API. The Datawallet API is the first hub for developers building AI-driven applications centered around personal data. It allows developers to access the high quality data offered by users on the Datawallet exchange.

The Datawallet API allows companies to build their own data exchange on Datawallet’s in-app marketplace. Users of the Datawallet app can opt in to companies’ data exchanges and help power their application with the richest and most accurate cross-platform data available. Companies can then source the permissioned data into their own applications to power their algorithms and provide a new generation of personalized services.

Datawallet CEO Serafin Lion Engel said: “The release of the private alpha of our Datawallet API marks an important step in fulfilling the vision of Datawallet becoming the data layer of the internet. Powering applications with historic and real time cross-platform data, will not only allow people to train algorithms with existing data rather than having to create it anew for every single platform they interact with, but it will also provide users with a clear overview of who they are sharing data with, for what purpose, all governed by enforceable smart contracts. It moves Datawallet closer to becoming a personal data management platform that serves as a person’s hub for controlling and managing their data.”

The private Alpha will enable Datawallet to iteratively refine the capabilities of its API together with its clients: from defining which endpoints provide the most value for specific enterprise use cases and deciding which data types from which platforms lends themselves to be collated into a coherent, reliable, and persistent endpoints, to refining the high-level taxonomy that allows data consumers to search and access information intuitively — starting from high-level categories and smoothly branching into more granular endpoints. This iterative refining of the Datawallet infrastructure will enable the release of a thoroughly tested and validated Beta version in the months ahead.

Furthermore, Datawallet is proud to announce that the inaugural partner and first company building on top of the Datawallet API is Fresh Digital Group. Fresh Digital Group—whose clients include UNICEF, ESPN, and American Express — will use the Datawallet API to source anonymized and aggregated insights derived from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to programmatically inform decisions revolving around its fullstack voice solution including Amazon Alexa Skill development, Google Assistant Action development, and Microsoft Cortana Skill development. Using the Datawallet API, Fresh Digital Group will be able to create more personalized experiences for their clients by accurately divining insights from conversations by linking their voice and digital strategies together.

Fresh Digital Group CEO Doug Robinson said: “The combination of data science and fast computing is the key to helping companies connect with their customers. Voice provides us with a trove of data, advancing us towards ambient intelligence and frictionless daily living. We see voice as a sort of gateway drug into smart homes and overall smart living. This incorporation of technology in users’ daily lives means an increased demand for data exchanges and customized experiences. With are elated to be able to use Datawallet’s API to better personalize, aggregate, manage, analyze, and optimize personal data for business intelligence.”

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