Update on Datawallet iOS & Android App

Hey everyone,

We’re pleased to tell you that we will push a new update for both our iOS and Android app at 06:00am Friday, 6th of April, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

This update includes some major improvements — first and foremost to our backend, but also the user experience. The iOS version is also receiving its first update in a while, addressing Apple’s restrictions on cryptocurrencies in iOS Apps. We also completed the changes to our backend architecture, laying the foundation for better scalability. Please find the most important fixes and updates to the app below — note that we highlight whether an update is visible within the app or happened on the backend architecture:

These are the major changes to the Datawallet app:

  • Invisible: Requests now point to user-api.datawallet.com instead of api.datawallet.com — this is important as our API is now freed to be used for the public API (of which we released the private Alpha version recently).
  • Invisible: The User-API is now PostgreSQL, while the old version was based on MongoDB.
  • Invisible: We have added better logging of crashes and bugs via Crashlytics helping us to detect (and fix) them quicker.
  • Visible: We have momentarily paused linking Instagram data as we are improving the pipeline
  • Visible: This app update also adds geo-location functionality. This is in preparation for rewarding earned DXT to ensure that the payout processes are compliant. We want to be as transparent as possible — as this is a user-permissioned feature you may need to accept the functionality. This feature will also help us propose relevant exchanges to participate in.
  • Visible & iOS ONLY: We have removed any mention of DXT to be compliant with Apple’s guidelines regarding cryptocurrencies on iOS Apps. This allows us to continue to develop the Datawallet iOS App that is available via the App Store. To see your DXT balance you can simply go to web.datawallet.com (yes, our web version is already in the works!) and log in. Currently, it’s a simple balance & transaction view as shown on the screenshots below. More functionality will follow.

Some minor changes also included in the update:

  • Visible: We fixed and improved some styling issues
  • Visible: Usernames were discontinued as they were unnecessary
  • Invisible: We fixed an issue with lower versions of google play services
  • Invisible: This update also includes better permission handling

We are really excited about this update because it lays the foundation for our next updates to the Datawallet platform. Follow our Medium account or join our Official Telegram Announcement Channel to ensure you get all the latest Datawallet news!

Please feel free to also give us suggestions in our main Telegram Group regarding this update and any other thoughts you might have!

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