Veteran Tech Investor Jeffrey Wernick Joins Datawallet Board of Advisors

Leading blockchain data exchange appoints Uber and AirBnB investor to advisory board.

NEW YORK, June 14, 2018 — Leading blockchain-based data exchange Datawallet today announced that acclaimed private investor Jeffrey Wernick has joined its advisory board. Wernick is a veteran investor with more than 40 years of experience and is best known for his investments in some of today’s most defining technology companies including Uber and AirBnb. Datawallet marks the second company to appoint Wernick to its advisory board, preceded only by notable blockchain application platform, Qtum.

Jeffrey Wernick said, “I have given talks articulating the principles of my Data Manifesto. Property. Permission. Portability. Personhood. We reclaim ownership of ourselves and the value we create which is generally expropriated from us. Serafin and Datawallet share these values.”

Datawallet’s self-sovereign wallet puts consumers back in charge of their data, allowing them to choose which data they want to share with whom, in addition to allowing them to monetize this asset that is rightfully theirs. Companies and developers can then use anonymized, permissioned data in order to more effectively train algorithms and build the next generation of world-class applications based on data received only through expressive user consent.

Serafin Lion Engel, Datawallet CEO said, “Since recently closing our $40M token sale, we’ve been making significant and exciting progress toward our mission of empowering data ownership. Jeffrey’s knowledge of growing technology-focused companies is invaluable, and bringing an experienced investor like him on board will be an incredible asset in in the process of securing the meaningful partnerships necessary to realize our vision of becoming the data layer of the internet. We are proud to have him as part of the rapidly growing Datawallet team.”

The Datawallet app is available for download now in the Apple app store and Google Play. For more information, visit, read the whitepaper here, and join Datawallet’s Telegram channel here.


About Datawallet: Datawallet empowers developers to leverage a completely new data universe to build the most advanced applications ever. And it provides companies with insights that will boost their operations on a never before seen scale. They believe that data should be owned and controlled by the people who create it — the users. That’s why they built the Datawallet, a blockchain powered data exchange that puts people in charge of their data and empowers developers to bring to live the next generation of world-class applications.

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Updates from the team, guest posts, opinions & more