CherryPy vs Sanic: Which Python API Framework is Faster?

Rest APIs play a crucial role in the exchange of data between internal systems of an enterprise, or when connecting with external services.

When an organization relies on APIs to deliver a service to its clients, the APIs’ performance is crucial, and can make or break the success of the service. It is, therefore, essential to consider and choose an appropriate API framework during the design phase of development. Benefits of choosing the right API framework include the ability to deploy applications at scale, ensuring agility of performance, and future-proofing front-end technologies.

At DataWeave, we provide Competitive Intelligence as a Service to retailers and consumer brands by aggregating Web data at scale and distilling them to produce actionable competitive insights. To this end, our proprietary data aggregation and analysis platform captures and compiles over a hundred million data points from the Web each day. Sure enough, our platform relies on APIs to deliver data and insights to our customers, as well as for communication between internal subsystems.

Some Python REST API frameworks we use are:

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