[Flowchart] Winning the Coveted Buy Box on Amazon.com

Did you know that over 80% of purchases on Amazon.com is via the buy box?

While Amazon is all the rage today, raking in 43% of all eCommerce dollars, thousands of merchants on the online marketplace look to seize every opportunity to attract shoppers and drive sales each day. And for these merchants, getting on the buy box is more than half the battle won.

Recently, Forbes.com published our study of how online merchants can plot their strategy to win the buy box. In this article, we’ll explore some of the key takeaways from this study.

What is the Amazon buy box?

The buy box is the section on the right side of Amazon’s product page, where shoppers can add items for purchase to their cart. Since multiple merchants often offer the same product, they compete to win the buy box spot on the product page, which is where customers typically begin the purchasing process — a huge competitive advantage.

How can merchants win the buy box spot?

At DataWeave, we aggregate and analyze billions of data points from the Web to deliver Competitive Intelligence as a Service to retailers and consumer brands. Using our proprietary technology platform, we aggregated data for a large sample of products in the mobile phones, clothing, shoes and jewelry categories on Amazon and collected information on all merchants (over 700 in number) selling these product over a period of 10 days.

We looked closely at several factors that could possibly impact the choice for the buy box:

  • Was Amazon a merchant or not?
  • The effective price (list price + shipping charges — offer/cashback amount) — after all, a common assumption is that the lowest priced merchant has the best chance of winning.
  • Were Prime benefits offered?
  • The quality of review ratings
  • The stock status
  • The number of products offered by a merchant

To read the entire article on www.dataweave.com/blogs, click here.