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Datapolis Dapp is Live in Beta Version — Built with the DataX Protocol

The Datapolis Dapp is finally live for everyone to use. Datapolis — a virtual, sovereign, city-state — was launched on Friday, February 11, 2022, in an AMA Launch organized jointly by the Ocean Protocol and the DataX Protocol. Ocean Protocol is the decentralized data exchange protocol, unlocking data for AI. It has financed the DataX Protocol through OceanDAO so far, Ocean’s community-curated grants program.

Datapolis — World’s First Data Nation

The DataX Protocol: Create Your Own Data Dapps with its DeFi Tooling

Building an open and decentralized financial layer on datasets, the goal of the DataX Protocol is to create DeFi infrastructure around Ocean Protocol’s datatokens. It will also boost new integrations into the Ocean ecosystem. Any developer or Dapp can use the open-source libraries and tooling of the DataX Protocol to build and create multi-token trading and staking infrastructure.

The DataX Protocol tooling is pegged to increase metrics in the Ocean ecosystem like the number of daily active users, Dapps being built, trading volume of datasets, and total value locked. But the most important goal for the DataX Protocol is to make data a liquid and a dominant asset class.

Datapolis City

To accelerate the adoption of the data economy, DataX Protocol has launched the concept of Data Nation, embodied as Datapolis. Datapolis is a virtual, futuristic city-state that accepts data as a value reserve, like gold. Datapolis treats data as an important asset and fosters a data economy for its citizens. The DataX Protocol provides the necessary underpinning for the Datapolis Dapp.

Datapolis prides itself as the world’s first Data Nation, and in the process, it also acts as a showcase of the DataX Protocol’s features.

Datapolis shows how an ideal real-world scenario should be for sharing data, trading datasets, or earning from data. Datapolis is built around the core principles of decentralization and democracy where users who play various roles from tourists to citizens to governors will have a say in Datapolis’ governance.

Key Takeaways from the Launch

In the Datapolis launch, rising YouTuber, Crypto-enthusiast, and investor, Gaurav Tripathi went into a one-to-one conversation with the DataX Protocol Founder, Manan Patel. In the launch, Manan introduced the participants to the DataX Protocol and the concept of the Data Nation. It was followed by the launch and Demo of Datapolis.

The DataX Protocol also addressed the questions of the community around the project, the protocol, and the DataFi space along with an overview of the DataX Protocol Project Roadmap. All the participants of the AMA who asked relevant questions got qualified for one-of-its-kind DataX OG NFTs. These NFTs hold interesting utilities in Datapolis’ roadmap.

Trent McConaghy, Founder, Ocean Protocol, commented, “Ocean was built with the aim to level the playing field around data & AI, so that everyone can be a participant in the new Data Economy. DataX Protocol strengthens the Ocean ecosystem by catalyzing data as assets and the communities that form around data assets.”

Manan Patel, Founder, DataX Protocol added “DataX Protocol will play a leading role not only in furthering the growth of the Ocean ecosystem but also in establishing data as a dominant asset class at the global level. DataFi holds the key to solving global issues from data privacy and data ownership to income inequality and even poverty. This launch of the DataX Protocol is a major step in that direction.”

Datapolis platform’s launch brings a fresh new solution that accelerates trading and staking datasets. In the long run, Datapolis will add more features to the platform, like data farming, data insurances, data loans, and will also gamify the activities in the platform.

About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized data exchange platform spearheading the movement to unlock a new Data Economy, break down data silos, and open access to quality data. Ocean’s intuitive marketplace technology allows data to be published, discovered, and consumed in a secure, privacy-preserving manner. By giving power back to data owners, Ocean resolves the tradeoff between using private data and its public exposure.

About DataX Protocol

DataX Protocol is a DeFi protocol building an innovative open financial infrastructure on datasets. DataX brings DeFi to data, and is a gateway to unlock DataFi for the masses. DataX is creating money markets especially suited for datasets and related services with a goal to make data truly liquid assets and a dominant asset class.




We are building a DeFi layer on Datasets to make data liquid assets and a dominant asset class

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DataX is creating an open and decentralised financial infrastructure on data to make them liquid and dominant assets

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