What are the advantages of DataXchain platform?

> Easy to use
The interface of DataXchain platform is intuitive and allows to make a simplified download procedure, as well as the use of a potential evaluation service via a website or mobile application. 
> Artificial intelligence
Platform DataXchain uses intelligent data processing. Advanced features of AI & Big Data technology allow to automatically match results with search requirements and perform cataloging service of DataXchain Engine. 
> Openness
 DataXchain platform operates strong and fast processes and allows simultaneous use of various open source projects such as Ethereum Sharding. 
> Flexibility
DataXchain platform provides stable services and adaptive software for high-tech applications. 
> Security
Platform DataXchain has a high level of security and performs tracking in real-time. Security is provided on the platform through smart contracts based on blockchain technology and decentralized key storage. 
> Accuracy
On the platform DataXchain there is no possibility of occurrence of bubble filters. The platform forms a database of matches based on the use of diversified hybrid algorithms. 
You can learn more about the functioning of DataXchain platform on the website http://dataxchain.org/ico/main