Who will need the token DXCT and why?

DataXchain is a high — tech platform that will revolutionize the field of data-trading and ownership to meet the needs of a wide and rapidly growing information market, the volume of which will reach the 1st trillion euros by 2020 and 163 zettabytes of information by 2025. 
In the light of these developments, it is clear that the issue of the protection of property rights to information will become very acute in the future. DataXchain project guesses the occurrence of this problem and aims to become an effective tool to resolve it as quickly as possible. 
The development of DataXchain project is supported by the South Korean company Xiilab, which is a large and leading provider of applications and software working with big data technology and artificial intelligence in the South Korean market. In addition, our project is supported by partner companies that are leaders in the field of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and fintech industries-the LINUX Foundation, Oracle, Ethereum and MFU. This strong base, along with other advantages of DataXchain project, is a key difference between DXCT token and other cryptocurrencies. More useful information about DXCT token can be found on DataXchain project website http://dataxchain.org