A Brief Drafting Update

One of the things that’s constantly debated, discussed, and misinterpreted on the datdota site are Drafts. Drafts represent the decisions made during the draft-phase: which heroes to pick and which heroes to ban. Obviously the default draft view shows all the drafts decisions in the current patch, but what happens when we filter by team(s)?

Historically the logic was “if there are some teams selected then show all draft data in which AT LEAST ONE of the selected teams featured; else show all draft data”. The rationale for this is as follows: consider you were wanting to find the priority (“tiering”) of heroes for (let’s say) Team Liquid. Since Liquid has two great Io players [with stats for Liquid @ GH: 40–14 (74.1%) & KuroKy: 17–11 (60.7%)], it’s very commonly banned against them (when Io is an okay hero that’s not autobanned by everyone). This means that looking at just their draft decisions won’t necessarily show Io as a top tier hero (they’re not the ones choosing to ban or block-pick it). Showing *both* side’s drafts sweeps this under the rug — however it means you lose the nuance of which team(s) specifically care about heroes in cases when it’s heavily skewed.

As a result, and by popular request, this will be changed so that only draft decisions made by the team(s) selected in the Team filter are considered. To make this page (and also others) more functional, I will also add an “Against Team” filter so you can find only draft decisions for <Team A, B, C…> in their matches against <Team X, Y, Z …>. This means you could find which heroes are prioritized against a team, and compare this to the overall metagame.

If this is confusing, feel free to reach out on the datdota Discord for some more examples or a helping hand.