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Dota 2021 — in Numbers

5566 total professional games

  • Total gameplay time of ~211972 minutes
  • Average game time 37:05, with std deviation of 9:41
  • Longest game: Neptune vs RNG (1:47:20)
  • Shortest game: Inverse vs Infinity (13:01)

Dy and Pyw played the most games (256 each).

18 players had 200+ games this year, 243 players had 100+.

Ori, ELeVeN, Pyw, Dy, Poyoyo played the most games as a squad (228), followed by TI winners Miposhka, Mira, Collapse, Yatoro, TORONTOTOKYO (206).

Of the players with 100+ games:

  • Avg Kills: highest Pakaz (10.33), lowest XNova (1.60)
  • Avg Deaths: highest SexyeYogye (9.29), lowest Nightfall (2.08)
  • Avg Assists: highest DuBu (15.83), lowest Palatimos (7.10)
  • GPM: highest Pakaz (716), lowest Kazz (249)
  • XPM: highest Pakaz (751), lowest Antoha (342)
  • Most kills per minute: Pakaz (0.288)
  • Most deaths per minute: SexyeYogye (0.257)
  • Most assists per minute: Matthew (0.455)

Individual game records:

  • Kills: Abat’s Riki, Bryle’s Void Spirit, and InYourDream’s Troll each had a 31-kill game.
  • Deaths: Moo’s Clockwerk (26)
  • Assists: Poloson’s Silencer (48)
  • GPM: Daxak (1481), and also the second highest of 1315
  • GPM (non-Alchemist): HuaLian’s Arc Warden with 1237.
  • XPM: Crystallis’s Razor (1100)
  • Last hits: HuaLian’s Arc Warden (same as above): 1837

Now it’s Hero Time

Kaka played Lion 58 times, more than any other player-hero pair. Second and third were JT (49 games) and Collapse (40), both on Mars.

Mars was the most picked hero of the year with 1644 games (781-863, 47.51%). Meepo was picked least number of games, just 13 (9-4, 69.23%), but had the highest winrate. Dawnbreaker had the lowest winrate, just 36.67% (44-76).

Puck was the most contested hero of the year, picked or banned in 69.40% of games (22.98% pick-rate, 46.42% ban-rate), and also the highest ban-rate.

Void Spirit was the most 3rd-phase picked hero of the year, 578 times.

Y’ went 13–0 on Bane, the best unbeaten record of the year.

MagiskUSH went 1–9 on Invoker, the worst record for any player-hero picked 9+ times.

Skem played the most unique heroes this year (57)

Team work makes the dream work

77 teams played 50+ games this year, the worst winrate was by 5ManMidas (12–47, 20.34%), the best by Undying (88–33, 72.7%).

PSG.LGD averaged 2370 GPM per game, the highest of teams with 50+ games. They also played the the most unique heroes of any team (116).

LGD’s unplayed heroes for 2021

In January, 5ManMidas went on a 25 game losing streak but eventually won against SG Esports. Over ESL One Fall and The International 10, Thunder Predator went on a 26 game losing streak, equaling the record for the longest losing streak of all time held by B8. Other losing streaks include Neptune Gaming (18), SG esports (18), The Cut (18), Cignal Ultra (17), SAG (17), qwerty (15).

Quincy Crew’s 150-game run from July 2020-February 2021 had a 121–29 (80.8%) record. Only Team Secret has ever had better 150-game runs.

Final Tid-bits

In an infamous 2012 game, Maelk went 0/20/21 on Venomancer but still won, thus establishing ‘The Maelk Award’. Whilst nobody has managed to better his number of deaths (the closest in deaths is Synderen who went 0/19/22 in 2017), Kidaro’s 0/17/15 is the tied 3rd most. Boxi also put up an honorable effort of 0/15/23 just at the tail-end of the year.

Yasha and Kaya was the least purchased item of the year, just 28 pickups (3 by AlaCrity, on 3 different heroes: Kunkka, Templar Assassin, Queen of Pain). Mage Slayer was the next least commonly purchased item, just 120 times.

246429 Town Portal Scrolls were purchased, so that’s an average of 4.43 per player per game.

Of the English coverage, the most frequent in-lobby observers were Pimpmuckl (557), skrff (517), Weppas (459); and most frequent in-lobby casters were MikeLeePhoenix (486), johnxfire (424), TrentPax (419), Bkop (388), and ODPixel (363).

Anyways, that’s enough numbers for one year!

— — Noxville



Professional Dota 2 statistics

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