Recent Updates (mid-March)

New Feature: Match Duration Distribution & Extrema

Find out if specific teams, or patches had very abnormal match length distributions; look for the longest and shortest games.

New Feature: Most Frequent Players by Hero

Rather than looking at Player-Hero Combos for every single hero to see the top players on each hero, this slightly different view makes that lookup a bit simpler.

Found a solution to time-based column sorting

Will roll it out to the relevant tables when I get to them, or if people poke me about them. Already live on the match duration distribution page.

Mobile Fixes

Although mobile isn’t really a priority in my eyes (so few of our users are on mobile, although this could also be because our mobile experience is so doggo)— there’s no reason not to show it some love every once in a while.

Thanks to davidfischer on our discord server who fixed the menu system that’s visible when you have a very narrow viewport.

What’s Next

  • Still looking at Skill Decisions and Talent Decisions
  • Comebacks

Cheers, Noxville