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Ben Steenhuisen
Aug 29, 2018 · 3 min read

The tea-eye winner requests it, and it shall be.

After over 180 hours of gameplay in 195 different games, we need to crown the true winners of The International — the biggest All-chat and Chat-wheel spammers.

1815 all-chat messages were sent, 42.8% of them were simply “gg” or “GG”. Barring good game and good luck variants, calls for lag related issues were the next most frequent with lag (22), ka le (11) and kale (11).

All-chat messages

XinQ takes the personal record here, 77 of the all-chat messages as his alone. Liquid, Winstrike and TNC all feature two players in the top 10 list.

All-chat messages by player

A match between Optic and Serenity took the prize for most all-chat discussion with 66 messages (4064867263), here’s a snippet.

Most all-chat per match_id

A special participation award goes out to CNObserver02, who didn’t just pull a LightOfHeaven with an unintentional shrine-click, he actually opened an all-chat text box and pasted the first two digits of his credit card PIN code. This also broke part of my parsing code.

This Chinese Observer with some next level memes here in Liquid / Secret

Now that the filler awards are done, let’s move on to the main prizes of the night, Chat Wheel Awards. Overall there were 6862 Battlepass chatwheel messages, sprays and hero-specific chatwheel messages throughout TI.

First up is the overall most used chatwheel messages and sprays:

  • Lakad Matataaag! Normalin, Normalin. 1047 times
  • 你气不气?(‘ Ni Qi Bu Qi’). 333 times
  • ‘Hero is missing’ 328 times
  • ‘Well Played’ 271 times
221 times
  • Oyoy oy oy, oy, oy, oy, oy, oy! 217 times
  • ‘Kiss’ 212 times
  • The next level play! 197 times
  • Bock bock! 150 times
  • 啊,队友呢?队友呢?队友呢?!队友呢?(‘ Duiyou Ne?’) 140 times
  • ‘Yahoo’ 132 times
  • 这波不亏, 666 120 times
  • > Sorry 103 times

The match between TNC and Pain (id 4063131418) saw 180 chat wheel messages, the most of any single game of TI.

Chatwheels per match

Tavo single handledly spammed 747 chatwheels in the event, a clear winner in the individual category. The team award however goes to OG Dota 2, who managed to stay in the tournament to secure a top placing in the Chatwheel spammers list. They had all 5 of their players in the top 7 overall chatwheel usage list, combined they spun the wheel 2038 times.

Total chatwheels per player. OG at the top of their game.

The final category, and most anticipated is that of Most Lakad Matataaag! Normalin, Normalin’s. It was a tight race, with three clear favourites. In third place, with 242 it’s Virtus Pro. Runners-up are Pain Gaming with 291, meaning your winners are OG with 305 uses of the famous Tagalog line.

Congratulations to OG. They are not only the The International winners, but were able to keep the high quality chat spam going to also be crowned the Best Spammers of The International 2018.


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