Andromeda Capital and DateCoin have signed a strategic partnership agreement, including $1M investments

Andromeda fund (Switzerland) and DateCoin have signed a strategic partnership agreement. As a part of a deal, the fund has purchased DTC tokens ($1M). The deal was closed 9 days before the end of ICO.

“We have been monitoring DateCoin for several months, emphasized Pavel Kornilov, Andromeda Group Co-Founder.

Today we are glad to announce the start of long-term partnership with DateCoin team. The project possesses convincing business plan and token price rise mechanics implemented.” According to Pavel Kornilov, the project is well-known and differs favourably from the majority of ICOs.

Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO and founder, emphasized the top priority of this partnership. “The investments we got, make us closer to the hard cap, thus accelerating project scaling and expansion. The latter will, for sure, contribute to the project popularity and ensure the token to be in high demand.

Andromeda Capital is a global investment company which is a part of Andromeda Group, a diversified group of companies active in the decentralized economy.Andromeda focuses on strategic investments into disruptive technologies with long-term fundamental value and invests into companies that have the potential to make economic and social impact in the world

About DateCoin

The founders of DateCoin aim to employ cutting-edge technologies for intelligent dating with your soulmate or at least with a person sharing your interests. DateCoin uses artificial intelligence and big data processing to analyze user preferences, contact history, etc, in order to generate a pool of the best matching partners. Blockchain is used to create a trustworthy environment by solving user identification and verification problems, and the distributed data technology ensures authenticity of each verified account. The project has MVP, online dating service Denim, which is a market leader of dating in Russia.

In future, the token price will be secured by the growing audience worldwide. According to our forecasts, DateCoin will reach a milestone of 20 million app users in upcoming 4 years. Most of them will purchase DTC tokens at the exchange to pay for unique in-app features or to be eligible for special offers. DateCoin is currently holding a public ICO. To join ICO and for more details about DateCoin, please visit

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