DateCoin CEO: our users are discovering tokenomics

On December 7, 2018 Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO has delivered a talk at the III annual conference “Innovations lead to the qualitative economic growth” at the Marriott Krasnaya Polyana Hotel in Sochi.

In his talk entitled “Tokenomics: regaining trust in crypto currencies”, Nikita Anufriev has presented breakthrough solutions developed by DateCoin to the representatives of big banks, public authorities, and CEOs of innovative businesses. More specifically, he shared an experience of successful ICO and token implementation for in-app purchases.

Talking about broadening crisis in crypto industry, Nikita Anufriev has emphasized that the market is currently manipulated by big sharks aiming to purchase large volumes of crypto currencies for less. ‘Those players never buy assets for market prices and that is one of the reasons the dramatic drop of Bitcoin price can be attributed to’, summarized DateCoin CEO.

According to him, the next stage of crypto industry development is the mass market and blockchain implementation for commercial applications. ‘This trend is on the way, but blockchain has already becoming an integral part of our everyday life. The number of companies announcing partnership with blockchain projects is constantly growing’, emphasized Nikita Anufriev. — Current situation can only be changed with the projects designed for mass market rather than for crypto enthusiasts. That is to say, we need “tokens for people”, not “tokens for tokens”.

Nikita Anufriev has also disclosed some details of token mechanics in Denim dating app (DateCoin MVP, available for Android and IOS). Since token generation event and its sale at ICO 600K+ tokens have been spent for in-app purchases that clearly indicates its high demand. ‘DateCoin mechanism is simple and transparent. Our users can pay for services and features with tokens and save up to 50%. Hundreds of thousands of people previously unfamiliar with this market, have discovered crypto currencies and tokens with us. Moreover, our users create crypto wallets, sign up at crypto exchanges, complete crypto currency transactions with blockchain and explore tokenomics, the phenomenon they have never dealt before.’

Concluding his talk, Nikiita Anufriev emphasized that “any innovations can only be useful when they serve the needs of a given society.” ‘When innovations enter mass market, it inspires the development of new products based on these innovations,’ mentioned DateCoin CEO.- ‘I’m sure for tokenomics realized in our project will be supported by other market players. That is the only way for digital economics development and worldwide digitization.’

It is worth mentioning that the same evening DateCoin was awarded first prize at “Innovations time-2018” in “Blockchain and crypto currencies” nomination.