DateCoin MVP critical update released

An important update for Denim (DateCoin MVP) has been released. It features an increased stability and dozens of changes that significantly improve efficient dating mechanics.

For example, you can now apply a filter for dating with foreigners and even choose the country of residence for your prospective partner. Moreover, we improved UI significantly, simplified sign up and changed the currency for in-app purchases (to comply with Apple and Google regulations).

According to Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO, the app will be redesigned by the end of the year. Moreover, an adaptive search engine accounting for users preferences will be implemented. ‘It is not about complex intelligent algorithms right now’, emphasizes Nikita Anufriev — ‘Those are under development, but we are moving towards an even more efficient dating. Our technical team has almost reached an important milestone that will allow to achieve a breakthrough in project scaling and to attract new users (potential token holders)’.

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