DateCoinShow launched on YouTube

On July 19, 2018 Nikita Anufriev went live and answered the questions of Japanese investors. The streaming lasted for more than an hour and attracted several tens of users.

Nikita Anufriev started from appreciation of investors who have believed in project and keep on supporting DateCoin. The team has recently done a great job and thus DTC token will soon be implemented in Denim app (project MVP). According to CEO, this solution is currently under test.

Nikita Anufriev mentioned that a total of 123 964 924 DTC tokens have been sold. All the tokens were distributed among investors who submitted a request for token withdrawal at our website.

When answering the question about possible future token listing at various exchanges, Nikita Anufriev emphasized that the team members are currently negotiate with several Asian and European exchanges. In contrast with expectations of team members and investors, token listing is slightly delayed due to recently adopted regulations of crypto currency market. At the same time DateCoin is targeting to reach sufficient trade volume after token in-app implementation.

Talking about token price drop at Yobit exchange, Nikita Anufriev emphasized that it is essential for token holders to pay attention not only to the price, but also to the trade volume. For instance, the token price could rise higher than that at ICO with 1BTC buy order only. ‘It clearly indicates that our investors believe in project and are not willing to sell their tokens’, Nikita Anufriev mentioned. ‘Product development is the key driver for token price rise and our first priority’.

Investors were also interested in following Road Map. Nikifa Anufriev has ensured them that the team meets the deadlines and is actively on the app for Japanese users. He has demonstrated a new design targeting local audience. According to CEO, the in-depth market research has preceded.

Streaming audience was also concerned about unsold tokens in general and whether it to be burnt as mentioned in White Paper. Nikita Anufriev ensured them that it will be done as soon as token distribution process is over, specifically in late summer or early fall. The burning event is TBA and will for sure affect token price.

To conclude, Nikita Anufriev talked about the plans of regular online meetings with investors. It is worth mentioning that Yuto Abe and Emi Wada, the project advisors in Japan, have also participated in conversation. Interpretation to Japanese was made by Rio Agawa, the long-term DateCoin supporter and friend.