DTC tokens are successfully implemented in MVP (Denim) for Android

We are glad to announce that one of the key milestones (according to Roadmap) in project development has been reached. Important for our team, users and investors, DTC tokens were finally implemented for in-app purchases (Denim, Android). Users can now pay for our services in tokens and get up to 50% off compared to fiat prices.For instance, you pay $32 or 2632 DTC for 2-week premium access (save $10) and $5 or 289.5 DTC ($2.5 in fiat) for account bumping.

All the tokens will be burnt immediately after in-app purchases. As the number of tokens in circulation will decrease, its price will increase.

The tokens are currently available for purchase at YoBit exchange (DTC/ETH and DTC/BTC pairs). Denim users can buy tokens following detailed step-by-step instruction. Direct token in-app purchases at YoBit will be available soon, so that no third parties will be involved in transaction.

It is worth mentioning that the total of 123 964 924 tokens have been sold during ICO. All the tokens allocated have been already distributed among investors submitted token withdrawal request. There are token holders to resell tokens to the app users.

Our short-term goal is to launch the localized app in Japan. It is expected that such scaling will result in significant audience growth. Thus, the tokens will be in high demand and our investors can sell it to the users and get profit.

NB. If you don’t have Denim account and would like to pay for our services with tokens, you will need to activate it at our website.


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