Girls talk about their expectations from DateCoin and desirable features

DateCoin MVP audience increases gradually with girls being dominant users. We surveyed them to figure out partner preferences and desirable features to make matching even more convenient and efficient.

Survey results show that most of the girls are interested in LTR with mature men (65%). 21% of respondents desire a lover, 7% of girls need fun and another 7% are simply looking for somebody to chat with.

When picking a partner, 36% of girls pay attention to communication patterns, 34% care mostly for him to be handsome (being attractive, sleek, of a specific height and body type). Another 16% of respondents first examine the profile thoroughly (dating goals, interests, education, etc). Finally, 14% of girls pay attention to solvency indicators (luxury watches, cars, real estate, etc).

More than 70% of girls who use Denim, date men from the app regularly. From them the rate of girls who enjoy the dates is 4.5 times more compared those with negative experience.

60% of respondents value generosity and care, 20% are attracted by self-confidence and commitment, another 17% are looking for charisma and sense of humor. Less respondents ( 3%) indicate sex appeal and temperament as the key criteria for choosing a partner.

Girls are confident for the service to become better and even more convenient with intelligent algorithms implemented in order to ensure an ideal partner matching. Respondents prefer personal data to be more detailed, verification and ranking for men implemented.

DateCoin team highly appreciates survey participants and will work hard on app upgrade based on users suggestions.

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