How to buy DTC tokens at BitMeEx

1. Sign up at BitMeEx ( Specify your first and last names, email and set the password. It is 100% FREE. You will receive an email with activation link. Follow the link to complete registration and activate your account.

2. Complete KYC to get access to platform features. Click Wallet and choose DateCoin (second line from the bottom). Click Deposit. At the next page, click Proceed. You will be redirected to the Wallet again. Follow the links at the top left corner of the page to upload Proof of Identity Document and Selfie.

3. Upon KYC completion return to Wallet. Choose the currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD, EUR, Litecoin, Ripple, etc) and click Deposit.

You will be provided with crypto address for transactions. You should pay to this address from your Wallet. Alternatively, you can pay with fiat using our banking details.

4. After your balance is credited, click Exchange. Choose the currency of deposit and click DateCoin logo at the right part of the screen.

Exchange the amount required to DTC. Check your DTC balance upon completion.

5. To transfer tokens to the app click Withdraw (either at the top of the page or in DateCoin tab). Specify withdrawal amount and wallet address in Denim. Transfer tokens to your account and confirm withdrawal request.

All transactions are initiated immediately after user request. However, transactions are usually processed in 24 hours (or up to 2 business days in specific cases). This fact is attributed to the specifics of transaction processing in crypto networks. Please, keep it in mind when making deposit or withdrawal.