In less than 2 weeks 150K+ DTC tokens have been spent for in-app purchases in Denim

Since DTC tokens were implemented in Denim for Android in-app purchases, 150K+ coins have been spent. Both investors and users have actively spent tokens and saved 50% on features (compared to fiat prices).

In little bit more than 2 weeks from token implementation for in-app purchases hundreds of users have tried this feature’, says Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO. Among them 94% of users purchased Premium Access, 3%- account bump and pin to TOP, 2%- Incognito mode, 1%-advanced search with special filters.

According to Nikita Anufriev, the potential for the amount of tokens in circulation to increase is significant. For instance, new features available for tokens are almost there. Moreover, our next step, token implementation in Denim for iOS is expected to result in explosive growth of token use.

All the tokens spent will be burned next month resulting in its market price rise due to reduced number in circulation.

DTC tokens are now listed at YoBit exchange (DTC/ETH and DTC/BTC pairs). Denim users can purchase tokens following detailed step-by-step instruction available in Denim app.