Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO delivered a talk at Tokyo Blockchain Week

Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO has delivered a talk at Tokyo Blockchain Week, where he shared an opinion on kindling interest to ICO and presented recent project updates.

‘Nowadays ICO are not that popular any more. Less investors pick cryptoprojects’ opened his talk Nikita Anufriev, DateCoin CEO. ‘Statistics shows that the total funds raised last August dropped to $326M reaching minimal values since May, 2017. Just to compare, it amounted to $3 bln monthly earlier this year that means almost tenfold drop’.

According to Nikita Anufriev, the reason for such an outcome is simple. That is numerous scam projects failed to meet investors expectations. ‘Thus, strict following Road Map and regular updates of investors are our top priorities’, emphasized DateCoin CEO. ‘We respond all the concerns promptly, keep our investors updated about project development and try our best for them to feel safe’.

‘Another reason for reduced interest to ICO is the dramatic price drop of Ethereum (from $1400 to $170 or 9 times) in less than a year. It correlates pretty well with the drop of total ICO monthly funding’, emphasizes Nikita Anufriev. According to him, one more reason is an enhanced privacy of crypto community.

To revitalize ICO it is essential to create the products for crowds rather than for crypto enthusiasts’, says Nikita Anufriev. ‘That is the primary goal of DateCoin. Thus, our approach is tokens for people rather than tokens for tokens.

To confirm the vitality of this philosophy, DateCoin CEO referred to statistics. It indicates 180K+ tokens were used for in-app purchases since its implementation in MVP, Denim for Android. Thus, the tokens are in high demand due to its transparent mechanics and benefits they provide (up to 50% off for in-app purchases). For tens or even hundreds of thousands of people, our project contributed in popularizing crypto economics’, says Nikita Anufriev.

According to him DateCoin team is working hard to launch the app in Japan. For instance, the app has been redesigned completely, new features have been added (such as unique virtual gifts, audio messages and much more). To remove language barrier, an instantaneous translation in chats has been implemented. This list of upgrades is far from complete.

‘What is even more important, these efforts target not only app launch at Japanese market, but an increase in DateCoin users, finally resulting in token price rise’ summarizes Nikita Anufriev.