Safety, search efficiency and real users are the key features DateCoin investors are expecting

We have recently surveyed our Japanese investors to figure out whether they use dating apps, what are their preferences for choosing the partner, how the ideal dating service should look like etc.

The results indicate that more than half of investors are using various dating services. 74% of them consider finding the partner worldwide. Thus, they consider the language barrier removed in our app to be very convenient.

For the ideal partner, 67% of respondents paid attention to the character, 45% sticked to appear ance (height, weight, age), 14% were concerned about common interests (multiple-choice answers were given)

Investors can be split in several categories ( based on dating purposes) incl. making friends, dating with foreigners; looking for husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend, lover/mistress or the partner after divorce.

The major criteria for the ideal dating service included safety, reliability, fake accounts filtration, search efficiency, ease of use and geolocation feature. For the majority of users it it is important to end up with real date after chatting. The girls would also prefer not to face to harassment.

We are grateful to all survey participants. All the data collected will be used for product improvement.

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