The one line you need to add to your Tinder profile right now.

Seriously. This has worked wonders for hundreds of my friends and clients. The main problem with Tinder is that its photo-driven nature leaves us with very little content to use as conversation starters.

Consequently, we receive a ton of commentary on our photos, which typically results in such magnificently creative lines as “nice pics,” “hey,” and when our suitors are feeling particularly smooth, “hey, ur hot.”

There is a better way to get good messages on Tinder.

If you want people to actually be creative and send you something interesting, then give them a prompt that requests exactly that! I added the following line to my Tinder profile and immediately saw that over 50% of the messages I received contained awesome recommendations for fun things to do in my city. I recommend adding this your profile immediately (hell, add this to ALL of your dating profiles):

“In your first message to me, mention an upcoming event or neighborhood you’ve been meaning to check out.”

It’s that easy.

This gives your suitors a dirt simple way to break the ice using unique and oftentimes super interesting content. Your 500+ annoyingly one-dimensional Tinder matches can suddenly become a massive crowdsourced content engine, and actually going on a date from Tinder becomes surprisingly simple. Your suitors will start telling you where they want to go. All that’s left is to just…go.

Tinder Experience Before…

Tinder Experience After…

Note: Obviously not all users will even bother reading your profile, so don’t expect a 100% success rate. However, I’d be shocked if you didn’t immediately see a qualitative change in the types of messages you begin receiving.

About the Author…

I’m Steve Dean, an NYC-based online dating consultant.

I offer customized consultations to individuals who need help with dating & relationships, as well as dating sites who need help with product strategy and growth.

I like to write and podcast about dating, relationships, and how to get connected to awesome jobs, roommates, and events. If you’d like to keep tabs on what I’m working on, you can follow my Patreon page, or connect with me anywhere:

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