8 Habits that Make YOU A SIMP! | How to Get Over Your Ex & Stop Being Needy

Want to learn how to stop being a simp? Read this.

how to stop being a simp

Yes, you read that title right…

Once upon a time, I was a simp.

So bad that the girl I was dating rightfully dumped me after 3 months and told me she was leaving me to go back to her ex.

Yeah, pretty fucking pathetic.

But you know what?

I don’t blame her.

I’m thankful she broke up with me. Because it was the feedback I needed to realize I had severely f*cked up.

A lot of guys get heartbroken and use it to say “All women are toxic” or all women are bad, instead of looking at themselves honestly and seeing where THEY went wrong.

But, don’t get me wrong.

Did my ex-girlfriend act in totally inappropriate and toxic ways throughout the relationship?

Of course, and that’s wrong on her part.

But you know what’s more wrong?

The fact that I put up with it!!!

In your life, you only have to suffer what you choose to put up with.

You always have a choice.

A choice to stay or walk away. A choice to change or stay the same.

So in the spirit of that, Here are the 8 things I learned in my prehistoric days as a simp, and how I got over my ex in the aftermath.

1. You can’t make women the center of your life

how to stop being a simp

This is the hallmark of a simp. It’s the fatal flaw.

Once you make a woman or women in general the center of your life, your value becomes nonexistent.

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You no longer have anything to offer the woman because she’s your whole world, you’re just a thirsty dog jumping from woman to woman hoping they’ll like you.

2. You are responsible for your own feelings

how to stop being a simp

If a girl makes you feel a certain way, it’s not her fault — it’s YOURS.

It’s your fault for not setting the correct boundaries and expectations correctly in the relationship.

If she’s being toxic or doing something that’s clearly wrong, yet you STILL stay with her, YOU are at fault for continuing to put yourself in that situation.

You must learn to be in the driver’s seat of your own life, emotions, and feelings.

A person can only hurt you, if you let them.

3. Insecurity is only magnified in relationships

how to stop being a simp

If you’re an insecure guy, you will only be more insecure in your relationship.

If you don’t feel good enough about yourself, you’ll never feel good enough to feel secure in your relationship.

You’ll wonder if she still likes you, if she’s thinking about other guys, or if she’s going to leave you for her ex.

You’ll constantly worry that she’s going to leave you, you’ll supplicate to her out of fear of her leaving.

You’ll become submissive and walk on egg shells to not lose her.

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No good relationship can exist when you’re in fear.

When you’re insecure and afraid, you’re the worst version of yourself.

Become secure with yourself first, own who you are and all of your flaws, and work to actively fix them and become the best version of you.

Once you do that, relationships will become easy.

Which brings me to my next point…

4. Only when your life is already great, can you bring someone else into it.

5. Don’t chase unhealthy relationships

Some women are just toxic for you.

If you come across them, it is YOUR job to avoid them or remove yourself from the situation once you realize it.

Just because a girl is toxic, doesn’t give you the right to pursue her anyways and then complain that she was toxic and a bad person.

It’s your fault for knowingly putting yourself in that situation!

Take responsibility, it’s what men do.

6. Don’t romanticize women (or people in general) without evidence of their character

how to stop being a simp

To back it up:

The girl I liked honestly was nothing special.

In fact, I was kind of a pimp in high school, I got basically any girl I wanted and would never simp.

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But the fact that this girl was the only one who I couldn’t get, made me want her more.

I romanticized her in my head, convinced myself she was different when she was really just like everyone else.

Avoid holding people in high regard until they give you a reason to.

7. Nobody can make you happy. Only you can do that.

Stop trying to rely on women, sex, or romantic relatioships for your happpiness.

8. Don’t be bitter about it afterwards

No matter how bad the relationship was or how awful of a person your ex might be.

Resentment is an AWFUL emotion and the person it hurts most is you.

You don’t need to be friends with your exes, you don’t even need to speak to them ever again, you don’t even need to like them!

But don’t hold resentment because it’s an unproductive emotion that will keep dragging you back to the past if you let it.

Focus on the future and how you’re going to make it better with your actions.

Now, I know I’m being a bit stern in this article but I’m doing it because I want a guy who was in the same shoes as I was when I was 17 to read this post and hopefully remove himself from his simpery before having to experience the unnecessary pain that I did.

This way you can get yourself out of toxic habits and into positive ones.

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That’s it.

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